Terror Victim Shares Biblical Insights on Ancient and Modern Israel

November 23, 2015

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David Rubin has come a long way from his Brooklyn, New York atheist upbringing. Today, an Orthodox Jew living in the Biblical town of Shiloh with his wife and children, Rubin is a force to contend with.

Having survived a terrorist attack himself along with his young son, Rubin is deeply connected to the land and its history. His studies and talents have led him to develop an outstanding program to heal victims of terror through the Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund. Additionally, he has written four well received books on the Holy Land and terrorism for which he has been nicknamed “The Trusted Voice of Israel”.

Through his active media talks and writings, Rubin is astute at sharing the importance of building and protecting Israel’s Biblical heartland. “Israel faces major challenges,” Rubin told Breaking Israel News. “The world does not understand that Jihadist mentality is brutal. They do not only seek to kill innocent people, they seek to destroy Israel and Judeo Christian civilization.”

With the world shaken by the recent terror attacks in France, and mass media remaining silent or critical of Israel concerning her continuous terrorist attacks, Rubin is doing his part to bring clarity on the true essence of what is happening in the Holy Land. Rubin has started a free book campaign to share with the masses his hard earned knowledge of what lies beneath the spread of terrorism.

For a limited time, Rubin’s book, “God, Israel, & Shiloh-Returning to the Land” is being given away for free. This book tells the story of the very human struggles and triumphs of Israel’s complex history.

Rubin’s in depth knowledge about Biblical and modern Israel, the US-Israel relationship, terrorism and Israel’s role in the world at large are all discussed in “God, Israel, & Shiloh”. Rubin’s passion for these subjects is clear. The reader is brought to a greater understanding of the Biblical homeland which often gets muddled in mainstream media.

“Every Biblically literate person or someone who wants to understand the Bible better, should read my book,” notes Rubin to Breaking Israel News. “People need to understand that when the media says ‘Israeli occupied territory’, the ‘West bank’, ‘Palestine’ and ‘Settlement’ they are talking about Israel’s Biblical heartland and ancient prophecy.”

Rubin points out that these terms are commonly used in households across the US and in many other countries. Yet, most people have no clue what they actually mean or represent and the history behind them.

“Semantics often seem a fascinating linguistic game played by editors and journalists,” explains Rubin. “But, in the Middle East it is also a dangerous game which frequently touches on life and death issues.”

God, Israel, & Shiloh” takes you on a trip with the Children of Israel from Biblical slavery in Egypt and the Exodus to the rebuilding of modern Shiloh, the first capital of ancient Israel, and Jerusalem. Rubin shares the struggles which turn pain and trauma into healing and hope. He also explores how to create real peace with Israel’s enemies.

True to form, Rubin’s book is his bold account of the Holy Land’s historical and Biblical up and down relationship with God. His frequent citations of Bible verses perfectly illustrate the topics he is explaining. Rubin also addresses Israel’s internal spiritual struggles, the global Islamic threat to world peace and freedom, and the growing role of evangelical Christian supporters on behalf of Israel’s heartland.

God, Israel, & Shiloh-Returning to the Land” is emotionally dedicated to the “memory of all of the children of Shiloh, and all the others, who did not survive the terror attacks, whose lives were brutally taken from them for the ‘crime’ of living as Jewish children in the heart of the Land of Israel.” The dissemination of “God, Israel, & Shiloh” helps to heal those who have been touched by terror and strengthens the understanding of Israel’s right to its Biblical homeland.

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