Trudeau’s Islamic Tsunami on the Way?

November 22, 2015

2 min read

David Rubin

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, after less than a month in office, is hastily living up to his reputation as the northern Obama. His announcement that he is determined to keep his campaign pledge to welcome in at least 25,000 Syrian migrants is raising many eyebrows, as the terrorist threat from such newcomers becomes more and more apparent with the most recent Islamic terrorist massacre in France.

President Barack Hussein Obama, who grew up as a Muslim, has also announced similar intent concerning the immigration, much to the dismay of some thirty American governors who have voiced strong opposition. Obama’s plan comes as no surprise, given that he has long been animated by his desire to make the United States a more Muslim nation, but what is Trudeau’s excuse? Doesn’t he see what is happening across the ocean on the European continent?

The current invasion of Europe by the tsunami of Muslim immigrants will rapidly hasten the transformation of Europe from a modern, polite civilization into a third world Islamic civilization. In the short term, we will see the strengthening of the right-wing anti-Islamification parties throughout Europe. The accusations of “Islamophobia” will increase as the very rational fear of Islam will be called racist by those who wish to see a worldwide Islamic takeover.

Canada and the United States are not far behind, which brings us back to the question of why a leftist like Trudeau would encourage a surge of Islamic immigration. Is it solely a result of the pretentious “caring” of the Left, which supposedly feels the “pain” of these refugees? Well, no, and actually the proverbial cat is crawling out of the bag. For a number of years, there has been a strange collusion between the Left and the Islamic ideologues. Both are trying to transform Western Civilization from a primarily Judeo-Christian one into a society of their respective choosing. The Muslims want to create an Islamic Caliphate, in which Islam would rule all. The secular Left wants to create a sort of nouveau Pagan, hedonistic society in which same-sex marriage, abortion on a whim, and fanatic animal rights would be the norm. This worldview would seem to be at odds with that of the Muslims, but it is the hatred of Judeo-Christian civilization, and also of Israel that binds them together.

Ultimately, the secular Left would suffer severe oppression from the Islamic Caliphate, of an intensity that would destroy their lives. Persecution of homosexuals, of women, and sexual abuse of children would quickly become the norm. But since most secularists believe in living for today, why worry about it now?

Reprinted with author’s permission from Israel National News

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