Israel’s Mobeego Introduces $2.50 “Energy Drink” for Smartphones

November 13, 2015

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Mobeego, an Israeli company started by two guys who say they just got tired of running out of juice in their phones, this week announced the global launch of its disposable charger, which can power a smartphone or an old mobile phone (Dad’s) battery for up to four hours. The $2.50 disposable charging unit, designed to look like an energy-drink can for tiny creatures, connects to the phone with a one-time purchase, $5 miniature adapter for Android and iOS phones, which users can keep on their key ring. And the adapter comes with one free charging unit.

The Mobeego website says the new product is made for those last-minute situations: you’re running out of battery—actually, of course, it’s your smartphone that’s running out—and you have to have an instant charge to keep your mobile phone working, and you left your charger at home, or there’s no outlet where you are, the obvious stuff. But they say—clever salesmen that they are—that you can also buy Mobeego ahead of time, and it will last 10 years in your backpack.

There’s another argument in favor of running out and picking up a few of those darling Mobeegos: if you don’t use your charged power bank for a few weeks, it could dissipate, or “leak,” and you’ll be stuck without power again. And resorting to using charging stations kind of defeats the mobility part of the mobile phone.

Mobeego is planning to introduce a supercharged version of their product, for extreme cameras like GoPro Hero and Xiaomi Yi, which they’ll be selling in sports shops and in ski resorts. But these things will probably sell best by cheeky vendors on the subway, which is where you really need them.

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