Five Israelis, Including Pregnant Woman, Injured in Stabbing and Ramming Terror Attacks Sunday

November 8, 2015

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Five Israelis were injured in two separate terror attacks in Judea and Samaria on Sunday morning. A terrorist rammed his car into a hitchhiking post at the Tapuach Junction, causing injuries to four Israeli civilians, two serious, one moderate, and one light. Two hours later, a female Palestinian terrorist stabbed a civilian security guard outside of the city of Beitar Illit, which is located a short distance from Jerusalem, moderately injuring him.

The earlier attack took place when a driver approached a group of people waiting at the Tapuach Junction for a bus and accelerated his car into the crowd. Two Israeli men in their twenties were seriously injured and hospitalized in stable condition. A pregnant woman in her twenties was injured lightly, and a fourth Israeli sustained light to moderate wounds after being struck by gunfire from a police officer targeting the driver of the car.

The driver, a 22-year-old Palestinian man from Ramallah, was shot and killed by Border Police forces at the junction.

Another attack followed two hours later, when a 22-year-old Palestinian woman from Bethlehem, dressed in a traditional black hijab, approached a security guard at his post just outside Beitar Illit and attempted to stab him. The woman’s approach had caused an emergency dispatcher to alert the guard, who stopped the woman and asked for her identification. She gave it to him and then reached her hand into her purse. As the guard looked at her ID card, she pulled a large knife out of her bag and lunged at him. He then shot her, moderately wounding her.

Security forces believe she had planned to enter the city and attack a larger group of people at a bus stop.

Terror attacks like these have become an almost daily occurrence over the past month, reaching from Israel’s main cities to small villages in Judea and Samaria.

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