Knesset Cafeteria Conceals Cutlery Cart for Fear of ‘Spontaneous Terrorism’

October 30, 2015

2 min read

Knesset members and other guests at the Knesset cafeteria on Wednesday were unable to find the silverware cart. After some searching, they discovered that it had been moved and placed in a new, more concealed location, to reduce the danger of a stabbing attack in the Israeli parliament, Ma’ariv reported.

A Knesset administrator, speaking anonymously, explained the measure is intended to reduce the danger of spontaneous stabbing attacks. “The cutlery, which used to be placed in the hallway, especially knives, could give someone the idea to carry out a stabbing attack or threaten someone with a knife. After consultation between Knesset security and Knesset CEO Ronen Plot, it was decided to move the cutlery cart from where it was placed in recent years to another corner, which is less accessible to people passing in the corridor.”

“Such a step could prevent an attack from someone who could get the idea to grab a knife and do something inside the Knesset,” the senior administrator told Ma’ariv.

Knesset CEO Ronen Plot refused to comment.

MK Anat Berko (Likud), recently approached Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein to order the Knesset Guard to perform a body search on Knesset members entering the building, despite their parliamentary immunity, in light of the recent wave of terrorist attacks.

In a letter sent to the Speaker, MK Berko wrote that “under current practice, members of the Knesset do not undergo a security checked at the entrance to the building. Recently we have seen MKs who are inciting violence, like MK Jamal Zahalka and MK Hanin Zoabi, who called for a real intifada in a Hamas publication.

“Accordingly, in order to ensure the safety of the country’s leaders, Knesset members and all visitors to the Knesset, we should perform security checks for all Knesset members, even if this would cause inconvenience,” MK Berko suggested.

Berko’s office told Ma’ariv that “the concern is that Knesset members or their assistants can bring knives or other means that could be used to harm MKs, considering the current security conflagration.”

Knesset administration sources said Wednesday that the decision to move the cutlery cart had no connection to MK Berko’s appeal.

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