“God Will Hold Accountable” Christians Who Do Not Speak Out for Israel, Broadcaster Warns

October 29, 2015

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Earl Cox, an international Christian broadcaster and journalist, recently lashed out at Christian silence with regard to supporting Israel in its current time of need. “Where are the Christian leaders right now as Israel stands alone on the front lines of the world’s war on terror?” Cox asked during an interview with the president of the Christian Coalition of America (CCA), Roberta Combs.

“We are in a war with evil and silence feeds that evil. Christian silence is adding fuel to the wildfire which is spreading the evils of Islam across the Middle East and around the world,” he added.

A relative expert on the Middle East conflict, Cox had previously shared first-hand reports from the front lines in three of Israel’s defensive wars.

Cox warned that continued silence would enable further evil. “Those of us who claim to be Christians have, in fact, become enablers of evil by remaining silent and have thus allowed the enemies of The Almighty God to remove prayer from our schools, the Ten Commandments from our public institutions and Christian prayer from public forums,” he continued. “We are now standing quietly by as America’s only friend and ally in the Middle East – Israel – stands alone in the battle against the spread of radical Islam.”

Cox implored the CCA to take a stand and create a groundswell of support for Israel in the international community. “The collective voice of the Christian community should be so loud right now that it should reverberate around the globe. We are not going to sit idly by while evil triumphs over good,” he proclaimed. “We have become guilty of moral apathy and complacency and God will surely hold us accountable.”

He made specific mention of the blatant and unequivocal bullying that Israel has received at the hands of the United Nations and other world bodies. “We all know that what is happening in Israel is blatantly wrong yet the UN and other world leaders are siding with evil and we are standing idly by,” he said during the interview. “It’s time to flex our muscles, get off our duffs and walk side by side with those whom God Himself calls the ‘apple of His eye.’”

Using the Bible as his gauge, Cox espoused a sentiment that many Christians around the world feel – a strong solidarity with Israel in support of God’s chosen people. “God’s Word makes it clear that Israel is His chosen land and the Jews are His chosen people,” he explained. “True Christians must stand with Israel now, and speak out against the barbaric acts of terrorism being perpetrated by heathens who are adherents of Islam.”

Cox took his argument one step further, moving beyond political correctness as he said, “Any thinking person knows that the goal of Islam is not peace but rather world domination and annihilation of Israel. This includes the Jews and ultimately all Christians.”

Israel is in no way at fault for the current wave of terrorism that is ravaging the country, Cox went on to say, blaming incitement on the Palestinian side. “The trouble and rioting on the Temple Mount is not due to any fault of Israel. The Palestinians are urging their youth, especially those under the legal age of prosecution, to pick up rocks and bottles and attack Jews,” he said. “In addition, the families of these youth are receiving compensation from Hamas.”

Asked by Combs where this compensation money is coming from, Cox replied, “It’s coming from the pocket of every American taxpayer! It’s our American tax dollars at work.” He went on to say, “If you are satisfied with this, fine. Stay home and stay quiet and wait for Islam to infiltrate your community, your family, your home. If not, then get busy.”

Having recently travelled throughout the southeastern United States promoting support for Israel, Cox is now taking his message to the midwestern states.

“Anti-Semitism is on the rise even in the UN and, sadly, even in many of our churches,” he warned. “Remember, it’s impossible to love Jesus and not love His family.”

The solution to the problem is to get involved and begin working within the system to effect change, said Cox. “If you think just one voice doesn’t matter, you’re wrong. You must get moving and organize others to also speak out in support of Israel,” he urged. “Write, call and visit your congressmen and senators.  Make your voice heard every day and become a strong warrior in the fight against evil. God doesn’t expect us to pick up weapons to fight but He does expect us to use His Word and the voices with which He has gifted us.”

Pointing out a major issue in the fight against terrorism, Cox instructed people to not be afraid of making political waves or being politically incorrect. “Islam is evil and we must not be afraid to say it for the sake of political correctness,” he asserted. “The proponents of Islam are experts at using propaganda to promote their evil, anti-Semitic agenda. Too many God-fearing people are remaining silent. This is all happening on our watch.”

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