Did The Latest Blood Moon Signal a Change at the Temple Mount?

October 25, 2015

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Are an uptick in violence on the Temple Mount, the end of the previous Shmitta year, the final Blood Moon of the most recent tetrad and the redemption of the Jewish people connected? Two Temple Mount observers, one Jewish and one Christian, believe that there are connections to be made.

On the last day of the previous Shmitta year, and just two weeks before the appearance of the latest Blood Moon, Arabs armed with pipe bombs clashed with Israeli police on the Temple Mount. At that time, Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan said that as a result of this incident, Israel would have to reconsider the status quo on the Temple Mount. In an official statement, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas painted the incident as one of Israeli police aggression against innocent Muslims.

Ever since then, tensions on the Temple Mount continue to violently and rapidly escalate.

Rabbi Yehuda Glick, founder of the Temple Mount Heritage Foundation and internationally known for his work on the Temple Mount, connects the future redemption of the Jewish people with the current clash between Jews and Muslims on the Temple Mount that escalated on the final day of the previous Shmitta year.

He assured Breaking Israel News that the holy site is centrally important to the ultimate redemption of the Jewish people. “By all means,” he said, “there is no doubt about it, that the next step in this wonderful process of redemption of the people of Israel and of the entire world will be via Temple Mount! Here in Israel, the situation is forcing us to deal with this topic, which we have been going out of our way to ignore.”

Hashem (God) is definitely not letting us get away from confronting the core of the entire issue. I pray daily that this step will go ahead with minimum pain suffering and bloodshed,” he told Breaking Israel News.

However, how do the Blood Moons and the Jubilee fit into explaining today’s Temple Mount conflict?

When the Blood Moon cycles are examined, it becomes clear that each Blood Moon tetrad that fell on Jewish holidays brought the world a step closer to restoration of Jewish sovereignty on the Temple Mount.

The Blood Moon tetrads of 1949-50 occurred when the Land of Israel was restored to the Jewish people. The Blood Moon tetrads of 1967-68 occurred when the holy city of Jerusalem was reunited and returned to the dominion of the Jewish people. Today, in the era of the 2014-15 tetrad, the world’s attention is focused on the Temple Mount. The Blood Moon cycles are creating concentric circles around the Temple Mount, home of the Bible’s Holy Temples.

(Photo: Root Source)
(Photo: Root Source)

Pro-Israel Christian Bob O’Dell, co-author of the book “Israel FIRST!” discussed this pattern with Breaking Israel News, explicitly mentioning the Jubilee and God’s promise, found in Leviticus, that land is to be returned to the original owner in the Jubilee year.

“But if he cannot afford enough to repay him, his sale shall remain in the possession of the one who has purchased it, until the Jubilee year. And then, in the Jubilee year, it shall go out and return to his possession.” (Leviticus 25:28)

O’Dell told Breaking Israel News, “In our book, ‘Israel FIRST!’ where we examine the Blood Moons, the Shemitah, and the Jubilee, we see patterns in both the Blood Moons and the Jubilee that could lead to the restoration of Jewish worship on the Temple Mount, but for different reasons. The Blood Moons signal the rebirth of the nation of Israel in successive phases – first the nation, and then the capital. Might the next phase be the Temple Mount?”

“The Jubilee year is about the restoration of property that was sold away by your forefathers. Within a few weeks following the Six Day War in 1967, the control of the Temple Mount was handed back to the Muslims. In Jubilee years, God has repeatedly shown a pattern of restoring lands to the Jewish people. Might it happen again this Jubilee with regard to the Temple Mount?”

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