Terror Expert & Survivor David Rubin Calls on Israeli Government to “Cut Off Head of Snake” Abbas

October 12, 2015

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In response to the recent spate of terror attacks spreading across Israel, David Rubin, founder of the Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund, former mayor of the town of Shiloh in Samaria, and terrorism expert, said in an interview with Breaking Israel News that he believed the current situation had risen to a level of intensity the equal to that of the first two Intifadas, and that the Palestinian Authority (PA) and its president, Mahmoud Abbas, are ultimately behind the attacks.

Reacting to some labeling the rise in terror as the “Third Intifada”, Rubin, who along with his young son survived a terror attack in 2001, replied, “Well, that’s what they’re [Hamas] calling it.” He added, “We’ve had several attacks every single day for the past week. It’s not a question of what they call it, it’s what they’re doing and what we’re doing to respond to it.”

Terror survivor David Rubin, founder of the Shiloh Israel Children's Fund. (Photo: Courtesy)
Terror survivor David Rubin (Photo: Courtesy)

Rubin went on to say that if proper action isn’t taken by the Israeli government, the situation will quickly backslide. “The terrorists have created a new reality which brings up old nightmares because we’re going back to the situation that we had 10 years ago,” he explained. “I hope it won’t continue but I think that it will because we’re not responding to it in the way that we need to.”

The Israeli reaction must be comprehensive, he explained. “There are two ways we need to be responding: on a national level, on a military level, and we need to be responding on a human level.”

In order to put a stop to the violence, Rubin said, Israel needs to address the root of the problem, which is the Palestinian Authority. “We should be going right to the head of the snake. Mahmoud Abbas, the PA, they have been inciting and encouraging and financing the terrorism. They’ve been doing it for years. They haven’t stopped for a minute,” said Rubin.

Terror waxes and wanes on their command, he went on. “They turn up the faucet when they want it to be intense, they turn it down when they want to ease the tension.”

The terror attacks are merely symptoms of the larger problem, he explained, and stopping individual terrorists will do nothing to stem the bloodshed. “We’re going after the tail of the snake, which are the terrorists that are sent by the PA, and that’s going after the symptoms,” he told Breaking Israel News.

The proper military action, according to Rubin, is simple. It entails a direct attack on the PA. “[We need] a military response to those who are causing the terrorism,” he said – in other words, the PA government. “Go into Ramallah, send in the Israel Defense Forces, we have a good army. Send it into the heart of Ramallah, to the headquarters of the Mukata (the PA’s de facto headquarters), arrest all the leaders, level the building, get their computers and documents and have absolute proof that they have been financing terrorism for several years.”

Israeli police standing near the body of a Palestinian terrorist who stabbed an 15-year-old man outside Jerusalem’s Old City early Sunday morning, October 4, 2015. (Photo: Flash90)
Israeli police standing near the body of a Palestinian terrorist who stabbed an 15-year-old man outside Jerusalem’s Old City, October 4, 2015. (Photo: Flash90)

He compared the situation to healing a traumatized child, much like the Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund does. “With our vast experience in dealing with traumatized children, we know that you don’t go after the symptom. You have to go after the cause. You have to get to the root cause where it’s all coming from,” he explained to Breaking Israel News. “A child has a sleepless night, because of trauma, emotional psychological trauma. You don’t try to play some nice music to put the child to sleep. You try to get to the root cause of what is causing the problem. All the various types of play therapy help the child get to the root cause of the trauma, and express what’s going on deep inside.”

The Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund runs the Gush Shiloh Therapy Center, where hundreds of children are treated every month for terror-related trauma. In light of the recent attacks, the Center is holding special workshops to help citizens of Judea and Samaria to cope. “With our therapy center, we’re planning workshops for parents to help them to deal with the changing situation. In the Biblical heartland of Israel, in Samaria in particular, and in our region, terrorism is an ever-present reality,” Rubin told Breaking Israel News.

He concluded, “What is happening in the past week, this new so-called ‘intifada’, raises the need for us to respond. And those of us, those adults who came to live here in the Biblical heartland, maybe some of us came for the fresh air and the beautiful views of the mountains, but most of us came here because we believe in our right to be here. It’s written in the Bible, it’s clear from our history that this is where we belong, this is our God-given land.”

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