Arab Witness Disputes IDF Account of Fatal Shooting

September 23, 2015

2 min read

A witness disputed the IDF version of events that led to the fatal shooting of a Palestinian woman in Hebron on Tuesday. The IDF reported that the woman, 18-year-old Hadeel al-Hashlamon, was passing through an army checkpoint when she set off a metal detector, alerting the soldiers. The IDF described the incident.

“The woman arrived at a police checkpoint and triggered the metal detector when she went through,” said the army. “She was told to stop and didn’t, she kept walking towards the soldiers and was told to stop again. Then gunfire was aimed at the floor, at which point she pulled out a knife, so she was shot in the leg. She then continued towards the soldiers and was shot again.”

Fawaz Abu Eisheh, said he was at the checkpoint on his way to work at the Hebron municipality and heard the troops ordering the woman to stop. He said he thought the woman might not understand Hebrew so he went to help.

“Soldiers were shouting at a veiled girl, while aiming their weapons at her and asking her in Hebrew to step back. While she was walking there, one of the soldiers stopped her and shot toward the floor, the girl stopped like a needle, she didn’t move.”

“In the middle of all this shouting, one of the soldiers shot directly at her left leg, she fell down and didn’t move.”

“After 10 to 15 seconds later, he shot another bullet at her right leg, after 10 seconds, he shot four, five bullets at her abdomen and chest area, and then after five, ten seconds he shot another bullet from one meter distance.”

Left-wing groups, such as Youth Against Settlements, and Palestinian media have reported she posed no threat to soldiers when she was shot. Middle East Eye accused the IDF of leaving her to bleed without receiving medical treatment.

The IDF responded to that accusation saying, “Treatment began immediately upon the medical team’s arrival to the checkpoint. The treatment was discontinued for a period of two minutes in order to ensure that the perpetrator wasn’t armed with explosives, after which the medical team continued the treatment.”

Several thousand people attended Hashlamon’s funeral on Wednesday in Hebron, where dozens clashed with Israeli police, throwing stones. Police responded with stun grenades and tear gas.

In a similar story, Dia al-Talahmeh, 21, was killed Monday night when an explosive device he was about to throw at IDF troops exploded in his hand. Troops were alerted when an improvised roadblock was encountered outside of Hebron. When the soldiers arrived, they heard an explosion and when they went to investigate, they discovered Talahmeh’s body. The Palestinian Authority claimed he was shot dead by Israeli troops.

Both incidents come when tensions are high, after riots raged for the last week around Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. An Israeli was killed as a result of a stone attack on the Jewish New Year and three missile attacks were directed at Southern Israel last week.

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