Unconventional Economist Outlines a Shmittah-Based Investment Strategy

September 17, 2015

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The  seven year Shmittah cycle has been a hot topic of discussion among financial circles lately as analysts delve into a deeper and higher meaning of global events linked to the Jewish holy days.

Recently, a major financial analyst has brought this Biblical element into his calculations, suggesting an investment strategy that suits his Biblically based predictions.

Jeff Berwick is a Canadian entrepreneur, libertarian and self-proclaimed “anarcho-capitalist,” accurately predicting the crash of 2008. The publisher behind the The Dollar Vigilante newsletter, Berwick has both successes and failures in predicting collapses of the Western economy along with recommendations on how to cope.

In July, based on analysis of the Shmittah-economy connection, Berwick predicted market chaos and collapse in the fall. He prepared a survival guide, entitled “Survive Shemitta”, which has received almost two million views. Berwick is careful to point out that he arrived at his conclusions through research connected to investments and that the research itself has no spiritual connections or connotations.

With fact-based pessimism, he notes that home ownership levels are what they were in the 1990s and that one in five Americans are on some form of government welfare. These facts alone were cause for him to worry and marked the beginning of his research, which led him to a shocking discovery.

“As I discovered through my research, Shemitah end-dates are notoriously affiliated with significant crashes and military confrontations. The last day of the Shemitah for the past two Shemittahs in 2001 and 2008 fell on the exact same days as a major market collapse,” he writes.

According to Berwick, the coinciding of the 9/11 terror attacks and the end of the Shmittah cycle in 2001 proved significant for world markets.  “The Shemitah fell on September 17th, 2001 and that was the first day the US stock markets opened after 9/11. That day had the greatest one day stock market point crash in US history up to that time. The Dow fell 684 points (very close to 700), or 7%, and it was a record that held for precisely seven years until the end of the next Shemitah year.”

The Shmittah market theory also proved true seven years later in 2008. “On September 29th, 2008, the exact final day of the Shemitah, the Dow plummeted 777 points, which still today remains the greatest one day stock market crash of all time. Noticing quite a few sevens? As well, on that day, it was the only known day on the New York Stock Exchange where the Opening Bell wouldn’t ring.”

Berwick points to several recent factors indicating the present Shmittah crisis is already underway. After holding at a relative high of 18,000 points for 10 months, in the week of August 19, the Dow Jones dropped 1,500 points and has only recovered 500. Berwick relates to this by saying, “These bursts arrive serially and endlessly. And they’re about to again. August was likely just a warmup.”

He also notes the recent flood of refugees in Europe, which has caused European Union members to close their borders for the first time, is a disturbing development most people have yet to assimilate and understand. According to Berwick, “The ramifications of this are immense. The old EU was finished. A new EU was born.”

Berwick points out that we are coming up on the jubilee of the US ending the gold standard for the economy, allowing the economy to run amok without any real basis. This allows for unrestrained printing of money as a quick fix that eventually leads to an economic bubble burst.

In the past, Berwick was a strong advocate of non-governmental currencies, most notably the Bitcoin, which has proven to be a remarkable investment. This is also the basis of his advice. He suggests investing in precious metals, particularly gold and silver. However, Berwick outlines techniques independent of the government and banks.

In year that has begun with millions of Muslim refugees flooding Europe, a stock market teetering on the edge, Iran about to become a nuclear power and American cities threatened by domestic riots, conventional wisdom does not seem to be a relevant guidepost for the future.

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