Israelis Reach Boiling Point, Warn Netanyahu Blood Will Flow if No Action Taken Against Terrorist [VIDEO]

September 8, 2015

2 min read

Israeli journalist and actor Harel Noff has issued a stern warning to his government: take action against terrorism or blood will be spilled in the streets.

Noff, 47, has produced a series of video commentaries on social media. His most recent offering has gone viral, with views in the six-digit range, having been featured on major websites and television’s Channel 20.

In the video, Noff is seen in a Che Guevara costume against a matching revolutionary backdrop. He warns the government, “…blood may spill here on the streets…start ruling before it is too late.”

“There Will Be Blood on the Streets”

Noff elaborates on the current state of affairs in Israel: “The Israeli citizen lives in constant fear these days: from abductions, from stabbings, from butchery, from terror attacks, from car attacks and from the throwing of rocks and firebombs.”

Indeed, the number of attacks in Jerusalem alone this summer has raised some alarm, with 580 incidents in June and July (numbers for August have not yet been released) taking place in what is known as the “Old City Basin”. Noff notes that Israel’s various security forces, both soldiers and police, have had their hands figuratively tied dealing with perpetrators.

In addition, Noff calls on the government to respond to the growing number of illegal African migrants, whom he claims are thumbing their noses at the Jewish population while supported by liberals. He notes the rise in crime in areas with a high concentration of such illegal migrants.

Ultimately, Noff places the responsibility for restoring peace and order on the current government. “We elected you to rule. You. Had we wanted softies and Jew haters, we had other options to select,” he says. “But we chose you. So that you will rule and take action…

“The ground is burning,” Noff continues. “And it is important that you understand: The Israeli is a strong, proud, fighting Sabra [nickname for an Israeli]. This is not the weakened Jew of the Diaspora who feared the nations and depended on their mercies, and he will not put his head under the knife…and if you there in the government will not put an end” to all these dangers, “the nation will rise up and do it instead of you. Because it can take no more.”

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