Blood Moons, Shmittah and the Jubilee Explained in Groundbreaking New Book

September 6, 2015

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In a groundbreaking new book, Root Source is attempting to put modern events into the context of Biblical prophecy. With the soon-to-be published user-friendly guide for the prophetically perplexed, entitled “Israel First”, Root Source is paving a new path in the wilderness for the spiritual cooperation between Christians and Jews. “Israel First” is the first book addressing Biblical prophecy which was jointly written by a Christian and an Orthodox Jew.

The aim of the book, according to the organization’s website, is to create a comprehensive source that will “give Christians a key to understanding how to make sense of all the theories” regarding the state of modern society in the western world, “and how they all fit together”.

The book covers various prophetic topics including the recent tetrad of blood moons, the Shmittah cycle, Biblical and modern promises made to Israel and the upcoming Jubilee year. The book’s authors depict Israel not as a small state that is partnering with the US to survive, but as “the emerging leader, first of all nations, and the holder of the national mandate to showcase God’s existence and moral principles to the rest of the world.”

The authors of the book, Gidon Ariel and Bob O’Dell, told Breaking Israel News that people from different cultures look at the signs that allude to prophecy differently. Root Source is endeavoring to give some context to the multiplicity of messages that are coming at believers from all directions. These message include both spiritual as well as celestial phenomenon, and they are occurring one after the other at a rapid pace. Israel First sets out to explain these phenomena.

The Jewish Sages have famously quipped: ‘Ever since the destruction of the Temple, prophecy was taken away from prophets and given to fools and toddlers,’” Ariel explained to Breaking Israel News. “Obviously, this was a strong comment on a phenomenon that was rampant in their time, namely, people ostensibly prophesying and more importantly believing in those prophecies. But more and more people are noticing that our era is like none ever before.”

Ariel is referring to the recent concurrence of several significant Biblical events. The current Shmittah year has coincided with a rare tetrad of blood moons, each falling on a Jewish holiday, and as Shmittah ends, a Jubilee year is about to begin. These, according to many sources in Judaism and Christianity, are significant prophetic portents.

O’Dell added, “Christian prophecy has always been of great interest to a certain segment of Christians. But one of the amazing things going on now is how much more focus there is on prophecy that relates to the nation of Israel. Today if you look at the most interesting theories out there – the Blood Moons, the Shmittah – they are totally centered on the Jewish calendar.”

Both of the authors strongly believe that whatever affects Israel first will ripple out to affect the rest of the western world. “We found that if you look at them from the standpoint of Israel and the Jews first, rather than starting with the USA and/or Christians first, then the pieces fit together more easily,” O’Dell told Breaking Israel News.

More than simply paying lip service to the occurrences, the authors believe that there is a special opportunity presented by this confluence of spiritual events. They mention King Cyrus, who built the Second Temple after realizing that he was the king mentioned in the prophecies of Isaiah, as an illustration of their path and goals.


“We have the same opportunity,” said O’Dell. “To recognize our calling in scripture, where the Holy Spirit might whisper to us Christians ‘that is what I want you to do’. To pray for that thing to be fulfilled and ask God if there is a part we can play in its fulfillment.”

Root Source is doing its best to help bring about the fulfillment of these prophecies. “The connection that more and more Christians have with Israel and the Jewish people is getting stronger every day,” said Ariel. “We promote that.”

O’Dell noted that Jews and Christians coming together to share a spiritual connection is a special occurrence in and of itself. “There is something new going on here,” he told Breaking Israel News. “For sure we don’t own it and we don’t even claim to understand it, but ​we believe the call to engage together is a divine call, and so we are just doing it. It’s as simple as that.”

The book, “Israel First”, will soon be released exclusively on the Root Source website. There are already free downloadable excerpts from the first few chapters of the book available online.

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