Nazi Gold Train Found in Poland

August 21, 2015

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Two people in Poland claimed they have found a fabled Nazi train holding 300 tons of gold. The men have reported their find to authorities and are demanding a 10% finders’ fee. They have refused to reveal the location until they are assured their fee, but local legend supports their claim.

A German and a Pole, say they have found a 490-foot long train they claim contains Nazi treasure that could be worth “well over a million dollars,” said Marika Tokarska, an official at the Walbrzych district council.

Their lawyer contacted the  district council a week ago with news of their find and their demands. In their claim to local authorities, they stated that “the train contains valuable objects, costly industrial materials and precious metal ores.”  Officials are treating the claim seriously, and one of the pair with experience in excavation projects possesses equipment to detect objects underground. According to reports, the train was found 70 meters below ground.

This would explain six large drill holes that appeared in the city of Walim last May, though no drilling licenses had been issued. It seemed a minor offense at the time, though in light of the recent claim, it takes on new significance.

There is already much speculation as to exactly what the train contains, much of it centering on a local legend that an armored train carrying treasure from the German city of Breslau (now the Polish city of Wrocław) was hidden in a tunnel in a hillside near a medieval castle near Wałbrzych as the Red Army approached and the Allies were carrying out air strikes in the final days of the war.

Officials have also warned that the train could be rigged to explode when tampered with, or contain dangerous explosive materiel, including gas.

The Nazis confiscated enormous amounts of gold and precious art during the war, and though much of it has been recovered, much still remains lost. In a similar case of a Hungarian gold train, after invading Hungary and with the Russians quickly approaching, the Nazis transported confiscated gold and treasure via a 42 car freight train to Germany. The train was seized by Allied troops and much of it was looted by the Allied troops, though some of it was returned. Its worth was estimated at $350 million is 1945, or almost $4 billion today.


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