ISIS Releases Video of Child Beheading Syrian Soldier

July 22, 2015

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ISIS has caused shockwaves of anger around the world once again with a new video showing a young boy beheading a Syrian soldier.

The viral video has torn up the internet via social and mainstream media outlets and has once against exuded the defamation and horror that has become characteristic of the radical Islamist terror group.

The footage released by the extremist group depicts a boy, who appears to be under ten years of age, cutting the throat of a Syrian soldier. The boy then decapitates the head from the body before finally placing the head back on the corpse.

Throughout the video, the soldier appears terrified. What is most shocking about the video is the unemotional state of the young boy.

Some experts have claimed that the boy has obviously killed before and was likely forcibly dosed up on hard drugs such as cocaine or amphetamines before committing the brutal murder.

This is not the first time that ISIS has used child killers. Footage of the Speicher massacre, which left over 1,700 dead in Iraq last year, shows a young boy shooting victims in the head on the banks of the Tigris River. During the 22-minute video, so many people were killed by the banks of the river that the river literally flowed red with blood.

Reports from the Middle East indicate that ISIS is forcing captured Yazidi boys under the age of 16 to participate in “retraining” camps and to learn how to become Jihadi fighters. The youth are forcibly converted to Islam from their ancient tradition and are then taught how to kill and behead. To toughen up the youth, the boys are beaten continuously.

In an interview with the Associated Press, one young escapee, renamed Yahya by his ISIS captors, revealed that the point of the Jihadi camps is to raise the next generation of ISIS killers. Each year, approximately 1,600 boys graduate from the camps to become fighters for ISIS.

The most current ISIS “viral video” as well as many previous Jihadi videos showing atrocities committed in Syria, Libya, and Iraq, have not only won the group international condemnation, but also hosts of supporters and would be members in foreign countries across the globe. Seemingly no country, the world over is immune. Not even Israel.

In addition to threatening leaflets spread by ISIS supporters on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem last month, ISIS supporters in Gaza recently blew up five cars belonging to high placed members of the Hamas movement, thereby declaring war in the Strip outright.

Hamas blamed last month’s rocket fire from Gaza on ISIS supporters as well, claiming that they were trying to stir up conflict between Hamas and Israel.

ISIS supporters have also reared their heads in other countries throughout the Middle East. Saudi Arabia recently arrested over 400 suspected ISIS collaborators who were accused of numerous shooting and bombing attacks over the past year.

On Monday, Turkey was attacked for the first time by an ISIS suicide bomber. The terrorist killed an estimated 28 people and injured scores of others. The attack shocked Turkey, as it is the first of its kind on Turkish soil.

While the videos have irked the West and goaded the largest group of Shiite Muslims in Iraq to volunteer to fight ISIS, the leader of the terror movement, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, has given orders to ban the filming of any additional execution videos, something which has caused some division among the ranks of ISIS followers.

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