Israeli Officials Livid Over Final Iran Nuclear Deal

July 14, 2015

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A deal has been reached Tuesday between Iran and world powers that would lift sanctions on the Islamic Republic in exchange for curbs on the country’s nuclear program.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Zarif hailed the deal as a “win-win solution” and a “new chapter of hope” for humanity.

On Twitter, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani applauded the efforts of world powers to resolve the “unnecessary crisis” surrounding Iran’s nuclear program.

The agreement comes after two weeks of tumultuous talks between P5+1 and Iranian officials and more than a decade of sporadic negotiations.

While details of the deal have just been made public, world powers have agreed to limit the amount of nuclear activity Iran can conduct over the next 10 to 15 years. In exchange, international sanctions, which have choked off Iran’s economy, will be lifted.

Tehran will be allowed to continue to enrich uranium at 3.67 percent for the next 15 years and continue running 6,104 centrifuges, 1,044 of them at the secretive Fordo nuclear site.

Following an official announcement, the deal will be reviewed by legislators from the seven nations involved in the talks – US, Britain, Russia, China, France, Germany and Iran. US legislators will have 60 days to review the agreement and either accept it or reject it.

US President Barack Obama has warned that he would use his veto power should Congress fail to pass the nuclear legislation. The agreement has been a focal point in Obama’s foreign policy.

“I will veto any legislation that prevents the successful implementation of this deal,” the president said Tuesday during a press conference at the White House. “Every pathway to a nuclear weapon is cut off. The international community will be able to verify that the Islamic Republic of Iran will not achieve a nuclear weapon.”

“If Iran violates the deal, all the sanctions will snap back into place. Iran must complete key nuclear steps before it receives new sanctions relief,” Obama said.

P5+1 member countries met with Iranian officials amid negotiations about the future of their country's nuclear program, July 6, 2015. (Photo: US State Department)
P5+1 member countries met with Iranian officials amid negotiations about the future of their country’s nuclear program, July 6, 2015. (Photo: US State Department)

Israeli officials are livid over the agreement, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saying the “Iran nuclear deal is a bad mistake of historic proportions.”

While meeting with Netherlands Foreign Minister Bert Koenders Tuesday, Netanyahu stated: “I would like to say here and now – when you are willing to make an agreement at any cost, this is the result. From the initial reports we can already conclude that this agreement is an historic mistake for the world.”

“Far-reaching concessions have been made in all areas that were supposed to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons capability. In addition, Iran will receive hundreds of billions of dollars with which it can fuel its terror machine and its expansion and aggression throughout the Middle East and across the globe.”

“One cannot prevent an agreement when the negotiators are willing to make more and more concessions to those who, even during the talks, keep chanting: ‘Death to America.’ We knew very well that the desire to sign an agreement was stronger than anything, and therefore we did not commit to preventing an agreement,” the prime minister explained.

“We did commit to preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, and this commitment still stands. I say to all the leaders in Israel, it is time to put petty politics aside and unite behind this most fateful issue to the future and security of the State of Israel.”

Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely slammed the deal, saying “This agreement is a historic capitulation agreement of the West to the axis of evil led by Iran. The consequences of the agreement in the foreseeable future are very serious, Iran will continue to spread the terror and it will metastasize everywhere, continue to stoke the flames Middle East, and worst of all make a huge step towards being a nuclear threshold state.”

She warned that “The State of Israel will work via all diplomatic means to try to prevent the ratification of the agreement.”

Culture and Sports Minister Miri Regev said the deal gave Iran “a license to kill.”

“Iran today received a license to kill, and it must be revoked before it’s too late. The fact that they’re celebrating in Tehran teaches that the deal is bad for the free world. Bad for humanity. Now is the time to come together at home and go out on an explanation campaign for the American public opinion,” she stated.

“The last word hasn’t been said and the American Congress isn’t ready to approve the capitulation deal of the West against the terror state.”

Minister of Education Naftali Bennet took to Twitter and called Tuesday a dark day in history.

Opposition leader Tzipi Livni told Army Radio the Iran deal is “a dramatic agreement, and Israel is not there.” She criticized Netanyahu’s performance during negotiations, saying, “If anything is clear, it is that Netanyahu is ineffective.”

Former foreign minister Avigdor Liberman said the Vienna deal is a “complete capitulation to terrorism.”

“A black flag waves over this agreement and it will be remembered as a black day for the free world,” he stated. Recalling a verse from Ethics of the Fathers (1:14), Liberman added that Israel must remember, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me.”

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