Iran Threatens White House Will Be “Destroyed in Under 10 Minutes” Should Strike Occur

July 12, 2015

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An Iranian newspaper affiliated with Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei threatened that the White House would be “destroyed in under 10 minutes” should an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities occur, media watchdog MEMRI reported.

The editorial in the Iranian daily Kayhan, warned that the US was “on its deathbed” and argued that a nuclear deal with the P5+1 was against the Koran. MEMRI translated the comments, which were made on June 17.

“Let us have faith that America is incapable of any misstep [against Iran], and that it cannot even attack Iranian facilities without the White House being destroyed in under 10 minutes,” the editorial stated. “Let us have faith that the old ‘village leader’ [i.e. the US] has fallen onto his deathbed, and that even in his youth, he never made the mistake [of daring to attack Iran], and that he, like Israel, remains mired in quicksand.”

The article compared the current struggle to finalize a permanent nuclear agreement with early wars of Islam, such as the Battle of Badr, where Muhammad emerged victorious and slaughtered all the Jews of Khaybar.

The authors called on Iranians to use the month of Ramadan as a time of prayer to redeem Islam, “which is entangled by the Jews’ deception” and by the deceit of the US – “The Great Satan” – and Britain – “the willy fox.”

The threats from the Khamenei affiliated media outlet comes as Iran and western powers have failed for the third time to reach a final nuclear agreement. The latest and fourth deadline is set for Monday as world powers continue marathon negotiations.

Three previous deadlines for the current round of talks – June 30, July 7 and July 9 – have come and gone. Officials close to the negotiations have explained that arms embargo and sanctions are the key sticking points preventing the finalization of the deal.

“Ninety-eight percent of the text is finished,” a source told AFP. “Now there needs to be a political decision. And if that is taken things could quickly” progress.

Following a 90-minute meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, US Secretary of State John Kerry tweeted Saturday that there remains “difficult issues to resolve.”

Leaked details of the framework agreement seek to reduce Iran’s stock of enriched uranium from more than seven tons to approximately 350 kilos (770 pounds). Iran would also see the number of its centrifuges cut from 19,000 to some 6,000.

The head of Israel’s Foreign Ministry, Dore Gold, warned on Friday that a deal between Iran and world powers would only increase Iran’s global sponsorship of terror across the Middle East.

Dore Gold (Photo: Wikipedia)
Dore Gold (Photo: Wikipedia)

In an op-ed published in the Telegraph in response to claims made by Zarif earlier in the week, Gold wrote, “The idea that Iran is a partner in the fight against terrorism is not only disingenuous but also absurd. What Zarif is seeking is a leap of faith by his Western readers, who are asked to believe that a country which has been repeatedly identified as the largest state supporter of terrorism in the world will suddenly be altered by an agreement over its nuclear program into an ally against terrorism. He is asking the world to simply trust Iran that this transformation is about to happen.”

Gold outlined the immediate impact lifting sanctions on Iran would have and how it will “intensify [Tehran’s] support for global terrorism.”

“First, the lifting of sanctions on Iran will result in a windfall of cash for the Iranian treasury, which could reach $150 billion in the first year. As Iran decides which Middle Eastern insurgency to back with its IRGC units, it often has to establish priorities because it is operating under clear economic constraints. These constraints will be removed as Iran obtains the wherewithal to fully fund and even expand its terrorist activity worldwide,” Gold wrote.

“Second, in past decades, states supporting terrorism feared retaliatory operations by the West, such as the US attack on Libya in 1986. Deterrence could be created. But if Iran becomes a nuclear threshold state, as a result of its impending agreement with the P5+1, what are the chances that deterrence of this sort will hold? Iran will seek to act with impunity as the terrorism it sponsors acquires a protective nuclear umbrella.”

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