ISIS Turning Tomb of Biblical Prophet Jonah into Amusement Park

June 24, 2015

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As if destroying the tomb of the Biblical prophet Jonah is not enough, ISIS is planning on constructing an amusement park over the holy site, Al Arabiya reported.

Last July, shortly after conquering Mosul in Iraq, where the tomb is located, ISIS blew up the tomb amid celebrations by the terror group. Local sources told Al Arabiya that ISIS has begun to level off the area for construction.

A special budget has been allocated by ISIS for the project and “specialized companies” have won bids to begin turning the former tomb area into a park.

Responding to the report, Iraqi Deputy Minister of Antiquities and Tourism Qais Hussain to Al-Sumaria News that ISIS intends to deface the holy site and “the tomb into a park and fun city which is another crime against Iraqi heritage.”


Hussain added that a special committee in his ministry is coming up with “a plan after liberating conquered cities from ISIS…to minimize damages being done to heritage sites.”

Despite repeated attempt, Iraqi forces with the aid of US airstrikes and Iranian militias have been unable to recapture Mosul.

The capture of Mosul was a large victory for ISIS last June, as it allowed the terror group to expand its territory by capturing large areas of the country and parts of Syria.

In each new city captured by ISIS, jihadists have a policy of destroying non-Muslim or Shi’ite sites in their attempt to eradicate other religions and cultures.

Following the destruction of Jonah’s Tomb last July, jihadists also destroyed the tomb of the Jewish prophet Daniel which is located in the Mosul area.

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