Survival Guide for the End of Days

June 24, 2015

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Rabbi Pinchas Winston is a Canadian-born scholar, educator and prolific author now living in Israel. He has written countless Torah articles, recorded hundreds of classes and published over 50 books of Jewish thought and philosophy. In recent years, a significant segment of his teaching and writing projects have been focused on helping people worldwide prepare themselves spiritually for the End of Days.

In his book, Survival Guide for the End of Days, Winston accomplishes three main things.

First, he uses the pull of Jewish history to advocate strongly for Jewish people to move to Israel in advance of the arrival of the messiah. Arguing that in the dramatic times in which we live, Jewish people should be running toward the Land of Israel and not away from it, he writes:

Think about it. If you were God, and the goal was to validate the reality of God in the eyes of the world, and the Divinity of Torah to all those who question it, would you protect the Jews of Eretz Yisroel [the Land of Israel]  from their enemies, or allow them to be devoured by them? Would you abandon your children who have made sacrifices to live on your land, and spare the ones who have distanced themselves from it? (p. 46)

Second, understanding that not every Jew can move to Israel immediately, he offers practical and psychological tips for those who are not able to make the move at this time.

…a Diaspora Jew should first develop an incredible love for the Land and desire to live there. He should read whatever he must to achieve this, and do what he can to become real with it. A person should not be afraid to develop a desire for aliyah [immigrating to Israel]. (p. 86)

Third, he emphasizes the role of faith and the necessity of clinging tightly to God’s plan as Jewish history comes to a climax.

[Israel] is a land that inspires bitachon [trust in God] because it is a land that survives because of bitachon. It exists in a virtual lion’s den, and lacks some of the most basic natural resources that other countries depend upon for development. Therefore, it is a land that greatly enhances one’s relationship with God in ways that cannot be achieved while living in the Diaspora. (p. 95)

Whether you call it Armageddon, the End of Days or Geula [redemption], Bible-believing people all around the world are convinced that human history will soon be entering its final chapter. Are you ready?

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