NBA Curry’s Win Due to “Grace and Favor” of God

June 17, 2015

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Stephen Curry, who Tuesday helped lead his team the Golden State Warriors to their first NBA Finals win in 40 years, has always felt a strong connection to the Bible and the Hebrew language through his Christian faith.

“My parents had us in church every Sunday and every Wednesday…I’m proud to be a child of God,” Curry told Active Faith Sports. “I’ve had a lot of great moments in my career, a lot of down moments, but I try to praise Him the same because of the opportunities He’s given me and the blessings He’s put in my life.”

To honor his faith, Curry got a Hebrew tattoo on his wrist two years ago of a verse from I Corinthians 13:8. In Hebrew, the verse reads “Ahava le’olam lo nichshelet,” which translates to “love never fails”. His wife has a matching tattoo.

Though the New Testament was originally written in Greek and not Hebrew, Curry connects to Hebrew through his mother, Sonya Curry, who has said she was “transformed spiritually” by a trip to Israel and Jerusalem. She has a Hebrew tattoo of the word “chen” on the nape of her neck, meaning “grace.”

Sonya has said that she loves Hebrew because it hearkens back to the foundation of the Christian religion. During her trip to Israel, she was inspired to learn more about the origins of her faith and led her to learn to read the Torah in Hebrew as a way of getting back to the roots of the Bible.

She and her son both strongly believe that Curry’s amazing success as a basketball player is due to the “grace and favor” of God. Stephen was “made for this moment,” Sonya explained. “When God puts his hand upon you and has your destiny already set out for you, it’s a matter of us individually walking in that plan.”

Curry’s team, the Golden State Warriors, beat the Cleveland Cavaliers, coached by Israeli-American David Blatt, 105-97 for their historic Finals win.

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