The Power of Propaganda

June 17, 2015

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Jim Fletcher

Having had time to reflect on my time at the Justice Conference in Chicago, I am more convinced than ever that leftist ideology is being pushed on young people.

Of course, this has been the reality for a long time; a couple years ago I heard Hal Lindsey speak at a conference and he mentioned that Marxism was being taught at Berkeley in 1960.  I think many of us falsely believed some of that went away after the Reagan years and, in the context of evangelicalism, after the Southern Baptists appeared to win over moderates.

I don’t believe that was the case.

Leftists never sleep, they never take a day off. The rest of us are hunkered down, raising families and earning a living, paying taxes. As a result, things get past us.

One of those things is the diabolical worldviews taught to our children. It is one reason there is a shift in support for Israel, to the Palestinians. As I’ve written and said many times, to the eternal shame of evangelical leadership in America, none of them speak up about this. I am referring to denominational leaders, but it is also true that, for example, among what I call The Big Three — Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, and Andy Stanley — there is either indifference to Israel, or hostility (in the form of Willow Creek’s propagandist efforts to mainstream the Palestinian Narrative).

From a blog post by Ryan Beiler in Sojourners:

“Nonviolent resistance against the occupation is gaining more and more participation by Palestinians, Israelis, and international activists—even officials of the Palestinian Authority. Thankfully, these campaigns are also getting widespread coverage by global media, further enhancing their chances at success. While there is still much work needed to promote nonviolence as the only moral and practical means of ending the conflict, declarations such as the Kairos Palestine Document will serve as prophetic milestones toward peace with justice in the Middle East.”

Other activists work with friends within evangelicalism’s power centers to further demonize Israel and her supporters:

“Young people tell me that they grow up in churches being told that Jews are God’s chosen people. Then they go to universities where Jewish students laugh at their Christian Zionism and want no part of it.” – Dale Hanson Bourke, author of The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Tough Questions, Direct Answers

“We are challenging evangelicals that rather than looking at the Middle East through the lens of prophecy that they look at it through the teaching of Jesus to be peacemakers. … In the past we used to say there will never be peace in the Middle East until Jesus comes. This is a very typical evangelical response. Now we’re saying rather than waiting for divine intervention—get busy! Listen and respond to God’s call to action!” – Dr. Munther Isaac, Bethlehem Bible College and Christ at the Checkpoint.

Notice Beiler’s nod to “activists” within the Palestinian Authority. It’s like saying, in 1934, that the Kremlin was helping expose injustice.

Hard to believe some of these people are that gullible.

In our upcoming “Why Israel?” seminar, my colleagues and I will discuss some of these propaganda efforts, including the evil BDS campaign, which, ironically, gains legions of young people as followers — they think they are exposing an evil regime, when in fact they are propping one up.

It is astounding to me that many people assume that media images actually always reflect reality. For example, photo editors from New York to Amman know how to crop a photo so that it looks like an Israeli soldier is threatening the life of a hapless Palestinian. In point of fact, the soldier is often pulling the youth away from a mob bent on beating him to death…or, the “Palestinian” is actually an Israeli Jew being rescued by the IDF.

Media types know what they are doing.

Added to the propaganda mix (and I observed this at the Justice Conference) is the effort by Palestinians to come alongside African-Americans and profess their love and loyalty, i.e., we are brown brothers being oppressed by the white colonialists — Big Business and European Jews, respectively.

Day and night, the Palestinian Authority foments violence against Israel and the world is silent.

The new thing right now is the compromising of American youth, who believe they are helping lift up the oppressed Palestinian.

In fact, they are tools of propaganda.

And that’s bad for all of us.

Reprinted with author’s permission from Rapture Ready

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