A Blood Moon Salute to Israel

June 10, 2015

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I’ve been flying for many years, and I thought I’d seen everything. But this past April, moments after my flight from Ben Gurion Airport backed away from its gate, a bright yellow fire truck rushed up to our plane. Taking position near the front, it fired its water cannon at us.

That powerful stream of water passed over the cockpit, missing our aircraft completely, falling harmlessly in a beautiful arc from one wingtip of our aircraft to the other. You see its purpose was not to quench any fire, but to salute our captain, who had just turned 65. He and his extended family, also present, were thrilled and touched by the Israeli airport’s insistence on presenting him with the age-old aviation tradition: the firing of a “water cannon salute” prior to a captain’s very last flight. The emotional captain thanked his family, crew, and airline; then with regret told us that the decision to retire was not of his own choosing. His airline forces all pilots to retire at 65, therefore he would be starting a new phase of his life – the adjustments of which he admitted were going to take some time.

This story reminds me of Israel.

Israel just turned 67 last month. And while Israel is not “retiring” of course, according to the more than 3000 years of Blood Moons historical data we have collected, Israel as a nation is in the process of passing into a new stage of national life.

Our organization Root Source has looked deeply at all aspects of the Blood Moons science, history and Biblical parallels. We found that if one gathers data from all of the Blood Moons, those occasions when four total lunar eclipses occur in succession on the Jewish feast days of Passover and Sukkot, three striking facts emerge.

First, each one of them involves a migration or exodus of the Jewish people.

Second, a period of great trouble precedes the Blood Moons after the Jewish people enter into a new phase of life.

And third, associated with each Blood Moon tetrad is an amazing gift to the world, one that brings hope to Jews and others everywhere.

A key to interpreting the pattern is to realize that four Blood Moons, known as a tetrad, comes in waves about every 500-600 years. And those tetrad waves come alone, as a pair of tetrads, or at most three tetrads in close succession. We found that each wave carries one big message, but individual tetrads close to each other show a phased approach of God’s move on the earth. For example, the tetrads that began in 1949, 1967 and 2014 can be seen as one big exodus (the modern Aliyah), one big persecution (the Holocaust), and amazing spiritual treasure (the Dead Sea Scrolls). In the first two tetrads, Israel dramatically celebrated the phases of God re-establishing Israel as a nation in 1948, and returning to it an undivided capital city in 1967.

So let us first examine the idea of a mini-migration, or exodus, associated with each wave. The amazing fact is a historical tetrad in 1579/1578 BCE seems to mark the original Exodus out of Egypt! Then looking at all the Blood Moon tetrads in the last 4000 years, we see that the Jewish people always traversed from one major location to another around a tetrad. Consider this: the first tetrad marks the original Exodus out of Egypt, the second marks David’s rush into exile in 1058 BC in the wilderness, the third tetrad in 162/3 AD marks the migration of the Jewish people back to Babylon after the Roman conquests, the next wave of tetrads marks the exile of Jews from Italy into France in the 790s from which Ashkenazi Jews emerged, to the migration to Northern Africa in phases from 840 to 860, to the next wave of migration from Spain and finally back to the Land of Israel itself. As we see, in each case a Jewish migration of critical importance occurred. I see the Blood Moons as simply a witness in the sky to God’s faithfulness according to Psalms 89:3-4. They are a time of celebration, reflection and spiritual awakening, even as it was with the original Exodus from Egypt into Sinai for the first Sukkot.

Second, let us examine the trouble that precedes the tetrads. In the original pattern of the Exodus out of Egypt, the Jews had trouble for 80 years. In David’s time, he was persecuted by Saul and had to go into exile in the desert. Towards the second century terad, trouble for the Jews was great beginning with the total destruction of Jerusalem and scattering of the Jews in 135 AD. Starting in 750, militant Muslims began pressuring Jews in Babylonia more and more. Spain began forcing conversions before 1428 and eventually evicted the Jews in 1492. And prior to the current tetrad cycle, the atrocities of the Holocaust during WWII.

Third, we have spiritual treasure. First, the giving of the Torah just 50 days after the first Passover. David’s exile produced the earliest of the Psalms, that have shaped the world’s song. The third Blood Moon tetrad in 162/163 marks the beginning of the writing down of the Jewish oral traditions so they would not be lost. The fourth wave of tetrads marks the first Jewish prayer book, still used by Jews worldwide today. The fifth wave marks the invention of the Gutenberg printing press that allowed both Hebrew and Greek testaments of the Bible to be published widely, and the sixth marked the release of the Dead Sea Scrolls as well as the declaration of the State of Israel.

But that is in the past. Now let us look forward. For it seems that Israel is even now passing into a new phase of life.

One of the things that we find from the Blood Moon historical data is that every time a wave of Blood Moon tetrads comes along every 500 or so years, one nation peaks in power, and another nation, critical to the future of the Jewish People, is just getting started. For instance, 1492 marked the zenith of Spain as well as the discovery of America. I personally believe the peaking nation these days is the USA and the new emerging nation is of course, Israel. The USA is not simply making enough of the right decisions at home and abroad to allow it to keep its prominence as the #1 world superpower for even fifty more years, and Israel seems to be throwing off the shackles of its older American brother while growing year by year, decade by decade. Yes, Israel is still small compared to China, America and Europe. But it is already the strongest power in the Middle East and is being forced to manage more and more of its own decisions.

Admittedly these adjustments will take Israel some time.

So, while the airline captain travels home to America, Israel is here to stay, growing on its own more and more. And the honor it receives presently is not from a mere water cannon shooting across its bow, but from the heavens above, from that moon that has been associated with the Jewish people for thousands of years. With the current Blood Moon cycle’s three lunar eclipses behind us, and one more coming September 28, God Almighty is rolling out an unstoppable sign of his commitment to Israel’s future.

On that day, the full lunar eclipse will be clearly visible from the entire length and breadth of Israel, beautifully situated over the city of Jerusalem. We will all be able to witness as Israel’s Ultimate Protector will pause to honor Israel in the way that only He can: with His own personal Blood Moon Salute.

Footnote: The list of tetrads discussed in this article were 2014/2015, 1967/1968, 1949/1950, 1493/1494, 1428/1429, 860/861, 842/843, 795/796, 162/163 CE, 1058/1057 BCE and 1579/1578 BCE.

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