An Indian Answer to the Iranian Nuclear Threat

June 9, 2015

2 min read

Ronn Torossian

President Obama’s efforts to sign a nuclear deal with Iran have sparked an outcry from other countries to a point where foes are now becoming friends. Saudi Arabia and many of the Arab nations are fearful of a nuclear Iran. They should be, because its leaders have openly declared their desire to conquer, and their willingness to use nuclear weaponry to combat their foes.

Given the history of Iran funding global terrorists such as Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, and many more over the years, world leaders are left wondering just what is going through President Obama’s mind when it comes to pushing this deal. Iran has been vocal about their opposition to the existence of Israel (one of the strongest and most reliable allies to the U.S.). Any deal with Iran that allows it to have nuclear capabilities is tantamount to putting a gun in the hands of a killer. You just know it will be used.

There is an Indian Christian religious leader, Dr. Kilari Anand Paul – the President of the Global Peace Initiative, who is asking foes to join hands in support of Israel and against Iran. K.A. Paul was called “the most popular evangelical minister” by The New Republic Magazine, after he counseled Liberia’s Dictator Charles Taylor into stepping down, and convinced Haitian Rebel Leader Guy Philippe to lay down his arms. He has gathered a coalition of world leaders and religious figures in an effort to stop the United States from signing a nuclear deal with Iran.

While the clock is ticking for an agreement to be finalized between the United States and Iran, Dr. Paul, along with religious leaders representing Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, and others, as well as leaders from Sudan and the Arab led Gulf Cooperation Council have come together to stop a nuclear deal with Iran. Remarkably, Paul is billing this quest as a drive to save Israel and the Middle East, and he seemingly has support.

Dr. Paul and the leaders will gather in New Delhi on Thursday to announce this coalition, and from there he plans to organize rallies in front of U.S. embassies across the globe.

Leaders such as Swami Parmatmanand Saraswati of Hindu Dharm Acharya Sabha; Pandit NK Sharma, the President of the Universal Association for Spiritual Awareness; and Qari Mohammad Mian Mazhari, the Chairman of the Islamic Council of India, will join Dr. Paul to make this global call and ask President Obama to stop the deal.

Dr. Paul recently traveled to Sudan to enlist support for his plan to save Israel. He addressed the parliament of Sudan, and has advised Sudanese President Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir. He claims to have Bashir’s support. The members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are also supporting this new mission to save the Middle East and oppose the U.S./Iran deal.

Paul, a native of India, said, “Any deal that allows Iran to have nuclear capabilities will only cause wars and death.” The hope of this global coalition is to ensure security in the Middle East.

President Obama might think this deal with Iran will help stabilize relations between the two countries, but what could this agreement mean for Israel? Will someone from Iran share the nuclear plans with terrorists? Dr. Paul is hoping that his message, and Save Israel, Save The Middle East will help get the message across to President Obama. As time passes, Paul says that the President must consider the larger picture rather than just the legacy he believes he will secure for himself.

Reprinted with author’s permission from the algemeiner

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