New Connection Between 1929 Great Depression and Genesis 12:3

June 8, 2015

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Blood Moon expert and Root Source co-founder Bob O’Dell has turned his attention to a brand new line of thinking. In a recently released, 35-minute video, O’Dell introduces what he named “the Genesis 12:3 effect”. In the video, O’Dell argues that the 1929 Great Depression was a Divine punishment for the US’s immigration policy that effectively trapped Jews in Eastern Europe.

Speaking to Breaking Israel News, O’Dell pointed out that his previous work with the cycles of Blood Moons and with the 7-year shmitta cycle was driven by his desire to help Christian see trends. The newly released video “is an example of another new trend” to which he wants Christians to pay attention. O’Dell calls this trend the Genesis 12:3 effect, the fulfillment of the Biblical pledge that God made in Genesis 12:3 to bestow blessings upon those who bless the Jewish people and curse those who curse them.

In the video, meant to establish a clear example of the Genesis 12:3 effect, O’Dell documents US immigration policy in the 1920s, by reviewing the legislation that dramatically limited immigration to the US after World War I. He makes the case that these limits on immigration to the US disproportionately hurt Jews from Eastern Europe. O’Dell also reviews the history of the Great Depression that followed shortly after these immigration reforms were instituted.

His contention is that the United States harmed Jews by preventing them from leaving Eastern Europe in the decade before the Holocaust began. Had the doors to the US remained open to the Jews who wanted to flee Eastern Europe, millions of Jewish lives could have been saved.

The Great Depression, according to O’Dell’s detail-oriented research, was the curse that God sent to the United States as a consequence of actions taken against Jews. This is what O’Dell calls the Genesis 12:3 effect – a Godly curse sent to those who mistreat the Jews.

Asked why the Genesis 12:3 effect is an important trend to pay attention to today, O’Dell told Breaking Israel News, “If the United States turns against Israel, then God can turn very, very quickly against the United States. If the US economy is peaking and we cannot expect God to reward our country, well, Israel’s economy is growing. So we need to turn our attention and invest in Israel to receive God’s blessing.”

Click here to watch Bob O’Dell’s popular “Blood Moons and More” channel on Root Source.

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