Buji Blames Bibi

June 5, 2015

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David Rubin

US President Barack Obama’s interview Tuesday on Israel’s Channel 2, in which he pointedly threatened to stop defending Israel at the UN if the peace process isn’t renewed, has greatly upset Labor party leader Yitzhak (Buji) Herzog. Did he respond by criticizing the American leader for abandoning Israel on the diplomatic playing field? Did he place the blame where it belongs – squarely on the shoulders of Palestinian Authority ruler Mahmoud Abbas for refusing to negotiate with the Jewish state?

Well, not exactly. Actually, Herzog lashed out at Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, strangely accusing him of “humiliating” Obama and causing a crisis in US-Israel relations.

One has to wonder what the esteemed leader of Israel’s Left thinks has caused President Obama’s hostility towards Israel. Could it possibly be that such animosity was evident long before his very first confrontation with Netanyahu?

Let’s examine a few relevant contributing factors:

1. Barack Hussein Obama had a Muslim father, who died when Obama was an infant, but who he idolized, as evidenced in his book, Dreams From My Father.

2. Obama was subsequently raised as a Muslim in Indonesia by his Communist mother and his Muslim stepfather.

3. Supposedly converting to Christianity, Obama spent twenty years as a devoted congregant in the church of Pastor Jeremiah Wright, who was known for his fiery anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, and anti-American sermons.

4. Obama’s higher education and political career were launched with the help of American Black Muslim radical businessman Khalid al-Mansour, whose close ties to the Saudi royal family were well-known. Such assistance was similarly provided by unrepentant American terrorist William Ayres.

5. Furthermore, Obama had a very close relationship with the virulently anti-Zionist Palestinian-American activist, Rashid Khalidi, in Chicago.

By the time he was elected President in 2008, Barack Obama’s hostility toIsrael was already a well-established integral part of his world-view, long before his first meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu, and that is why Herzog is way off base in accusing his PM of ruining Israel’s relationship with its friends across the ocean. The proverbial Obama-Netanyahu trains were headed for a collision years before their first White House crash in 2009.

Herzog should consider educating himself about the real Barack Hussein Obama before playing petty politics with truth.

Reprinted with author’s permission from Israel National News

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