Israel Aids Drought-Stricken California

June 4, 2015

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The US state that is home to some of the most vicious anti-Israel and pro-BDS advocates is turning to Israel to help them develop the world’s most precious resource, water. Israeli tech companies are moving forward with bids to help drought-stricken California develop new plans to obtain more clean drinking water.

David Segal, the Israeli Consul to the southern California region, said that after years of negotiations and agreements with local water companies, Israeli aid to the arid state is finally becoming a reality.

“We signed an agreement with Los Angeles, a city of seven million residents, on the subject of green technologies, we’re bringing water specialists from Israel for discussions with legislators and we’re conducting conference calls with experts in Israel,” said Segal. “In the next few days we expect to sign an agreement with the municipality of Beverly Hills.”

In Israel, most of the water is managed by Mekorot, Israel’s national water authority. However, in California, the situation is far more complex. Water in the state is handled by a complex web of bureaucracy, necessitating Israel to come to agreements with each water provider individually. These agreements have to be in place before work with the state in an official manner can begin.

Several Israeli companies are already on the ground attempting to solidify the agreements. “We’re accelerating the entry of Israeli companies and Israeli products,” Segal said. “We’re going from district to district. There’s a race to find water technology and our presence increases the chance of Israeli companies (having a part in) the fields of recycling, desalination, and saving water.”

San Diego and Santa Barbara already have agreements in place to have Israeli companies begin building desalination plants.

“This is a rare opportunity to strengthen ties with members of Congress not only in Washington, but in their homes,” said Segel.

“American citizens aren’t interested in the Middle East, but they are interested in safety, cyber, energy, water, farming, and health. State governors come to Israel and find economic opportunity. The path is to connect to America in 50 states with 50 governors in areas that Israel can help them so that Americans will understand Israel’s importance in everyday life.”

Aside from desalination, Israeli companies are also attempting to convince Californians to begin using what is called ‘grey water’ for farms and watering plants. ‘Grey-water’ is water that comes from sinks, washing machines, and showers, and in Israel is a significant portion of the water used for farming, watering parks and irrigation. There has been a lot of resistance in California to this method of water recycling, where residents and farmers prefer to use potable water to irrigate, farm and water parks and gardens.

California is now facing their worst drought in recorded history, and Governor Jerry Brown has asked businesses to cut back on their water usage by over 25 percent. Californians who are deemed to be needlessly wasting water can face fines of up to $10,000.  The current drought has the entire US worried. As reported by Ynet, “The state grows more than a third of America’s vegetables and two thirds of the country’s fruit and nuts. For most Americans, and indeed for many around the world, the persistent drought means a severe rise in food prices.”


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