Zion Oil – The spiritual Vision

June 3, 2015

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In the northernmost part of the land allocated to the tribe of Joseph, in the Jezreel Valley, a company who is focused upon helping Israel and less focused upon financial gain has set out to turn the geopolitical tables in the Middle East.

Most often companies begin with the goal of making money. These companies are established and run with that goal in mind, and continue to chase profits throughout their existence. Often, these companies also have a mission to fulfill a need and to make a change in the world. Sometimes those changes happen as matter of coincidence rather than on purpose, and often these coincidental impacts are negative.

However, once in a while, a company comes along with the specific goal to make a positive change, without relation to profits, and puts the emphasis, not on finances, but rather on the goal at hand. One such a company is Zion Oil.

In a recent interview, Zion Oil Accounts Payable Specialist Shelley Jernigan summed up the main goal of the company extremely well. “Zion’s vision is rare. People have asked why do we drill in Israel?  You can drill in Texas and be a successful company.  It’s not an easy ride.  We have had some bumps in the road but everyone wants the same thing — to bless Israel.  I believe Zion has been tested, but our faith is much stronger because of it.  I’m so glad I can be a part of something so special,” she said.

Jernigan is not the only employee who feels this way. Connie Aultman, Marketing Support Representative for Zion Oil also described how faith is what truly is the driving force behind the vision of Zion Oil.

“Zion’s vision is unique. Several companies are looking for oil and gas in Israel, but none have the faith and drive that we do. In God’s economy, the heart of a person is the most important aspect of any situation. The person’s strength, status or experience means nothing, because God is big enough to handle the rest, as long as his heart is right. That is what excites and motivates me about Zion’s vision. We will never be the biggest company out there, but we are constantly before God ensuring that our hearts are in the right place.”

When asked what Israel means to her, Aultman said: “The more I learn, the greater my love and support is for the Jewish people. They have gone through so much and have yet to see the freedom and rest that has been promised to them. Although I have never been there, my heart and my home is in Jerusalem!”

This type of support is typical for both staff and investors at Zion Oil. Andrew Summey, Online Communications Manager for the company, in an interview with Breaking Israel News, explained how the company “is the only company that we know of, who has its investors involved because they want to support Israel, not even because they want to make money. We let people know that this is a high-risk investment. And people keep investing. People keep saying even if they don’t get their money back they still want to invest.”

The main motivator behind Zion Oil is faith and a desire to help Israel. This is one of those companies that comes along once in a long while. They are focused not on financial gains, but on doing the right thing both physically in this world and spiritually, by helping God unfold His plan for the prosperity of the people of Israel. Whether they have visited Israel or not, they wish to be part of the blessing that God bestows upon his people, and through them, upon the entire world.



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