PA Calls to Conquer Israel by Force, Increase Terror Attacks

May 29, 2015

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Abbas Claims Jesus is Palestinian

Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah faction recently called for the destruction of Israel through terror and force on their official Facebook page. During a ceremony in which Palestinians mourn Israel’s victories and the establishment of the Jewish State, the ruling party of the Palestinian authority called for terrorism to destroy Israel and conquer the State as the only way forward.

As European and world leaders came out and publicly called for new rounds of peace talks to begin, the Palestinian Authority, in contrast,  called for terrorism to liberate them and laid their claims bare that they simply wish to destroy Israel, not just in Judaea and Samaria, but the entire country.

The party posted on their official facebook page on May 14th, “what was taken by force can only be regained by force, the 67th anniversary of the Nakba.” The post was translated and published by Palestinian Media Watch on Sunday.

The statement was accompanied by an image displaying keys signifying the keys to houses that Palestinians claim as their own which they left in 1948. The image further depicted a rifle and the entire map of Israel. Fatah has not limited its desire to reconquer Israel to simply Judaea and Samaria, but to the entire country, as depicted in this country. This post followed upon the heels of a post calling for terror attacks against Israel which was posted on their facebook page only one day prior.

“When the ‘storm’ Al-Asifa roars and the nation applauds the eternal Fatah, the world’s dwarfs should remain in their burrows,” it read, with Al-Asifa being a reference to Fatah’s “military wing” in the 1960s and 1970s when the group was focused on committing terror attacks against Israel as often as possible.

This comes amid Fatah’s ambiguous statements made recently as to whether or not they even support the idea of a two-state-solution.



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