Popular TV Show Saves the Life of Woman in Israel

May 20, 2015

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A popular television show unknowingly helped save the life of a woman in Israel.

Sarit Fishbaine, a marketing director from Kvutzat Yavne in southern Israel, told Yahoo Parenting that during a routine breast exam six months prior she had no suspicions anything was wrong with her. The doctor gave Fishbaine a clean bill of health and sent her on her way.

Six months later, while watching episode five of the third season of “Grey’s Anatomy”, Fishbaine realized the plot was talking about her.

“In this episode, a young mom arrives at Seattle Grace Hospital for a mastectomy after her breast cancer had been mistaken for milk collecting in her breast,” she explained. “I couldn’t fall asleep that night – it felt like a huge warning sign. I had stopped nursing a few months prior and my breast tissue had softened up, but there was definitely a lump on my left breast.”


The next day, she made an appointment to see a specialist for a second opinion. The decision, and the show, ended up saving Fishbaine’s life.

“I had to wait three weeks to see the doctor and I didn’t want to worry my husband, so I told him I was going for a routine checkup,” she said. After being examined, Fishbaine was sent by the second specialist for “an urgent mammogram and biopsy.”

Test results showed Fishbaine had Stage III breast cancer which had also spread to her lymph nodes.

After undergoing several grueling rounds of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, as well as a total mastectomy of her left breast, Fishbaine is cancer free.

With Fishbaine’s story quickly making the rounds on the internet, “Grey’s Anatomy” creator Shonda Rhimes shared Fishbaine’s story on her own personal Facebook page with a simple, one word comment: “Humbling.”


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