Honoring your Mother & Israel this Mother’s Day

May 6, 2015

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Mother’s day is quickly approaching and this year, Heart to Heart is celebrating in an unusual way.

Heart to Heart, which supports Israel’s National Blood Services Centers, is calling on Jews and Christians around the world to show their heart for their mother’s and Israel this upcoming Mother’s Day. The organization is asking people to consider making a virtual blood donation to support Israel in honor of their loved one.

In return Heart to Heart will be sending personalized frameable certificates as well as lapel pins in honor of Mother’s Day to say thank you to the donors.

“Everyone gets the free option to send their love to their mother by sending a token of their love to Israel,” said Jonathan Feldstein, Director of Heart to Heart, to Breaking Israel News.

Showing an expression of love to one’s mother via an expression of love to Israel is something that is very special and seems to have caught on widely across the United States.  “We are asking people from all over to spread this love,” said Feldstein.  “A few dozen churches across the country have shown their support and have agreed to promote the idea.”

The organization is hoping to garner even more support from more churches all over the US and has made the one-of-a-kind Mother’s Day gift affordable.

“We feel this is a meaningful opportunity, so we didn’t want to prohibit anyone from getting involved,” Feldstein explained.

“One of the reasons we call our organization Heart to Heart is because the heart is about blood, but also about love. And one of the ways to celebrate the love one has for their mother is to show their love for another person. The love a mother has for her child is all encompassing and is one of the most pure loves that exist. To mimic that is arguably one of the most meaningful gifts a child can make,” Feldstein said.

Feldstein expressed his excitement for the project, and for how popular it has become. “I’m terribly excited for this. For all the reasons that this clicked, it is really just nice. For all the reasons that someone loves their mother, one does it with a full heart. And that is the same type of love, the same type of giving that those who donate blood to Heart to Heart give as well. To honor the love that they have for Israel with a full heart.”

Saving Lives in Israel through a Virtual Blood Donation

Saving Lives Through a Virtual Blood Donation from Supernatural Productions on Vimeo.

One person who donated blood while on a mission visiting Israel, Dr. Lorell Brown from Kentucky, said “donating blood is literally donating life.” What better way is there to celebrate the person who gave you life than by following in her footsteps and donating life yourself.

Another volunteer donor, Jessica Schulze, co-Pastor at New Life Foursquare Church in Marysville, Ohio, summed up the sentiment of the new campaign precisely: “It is an honor to partner with Heart to Heart in giving even just a small portion of the life that flows in my body to hopefully bring life to people in need in the nation that is the mother and father of us all.”

To learn how you can celebrate Mother’s Day with Heart to Heart, click here.

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