Is the New Israel Fund Behind the Violent Tel Aviv Riots?

May 6, 2015

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Ronn Torossian

If it harms Israel, then count on the New Israel Fund (NIF) to be involved.

This weekend, Israel has been rocked by violent riots against the police, which has seen 55 officers injured.  Peaceful protests by the Ethiopian Jewish community after a tape emerged which saw an Ethiopian being beaten by a cop have been exploited by NIF-funded organizations.

Naturally, NIF’s interest is to harm Israel – and by showing black people protesting in the Jewish State it furthers the image they wish to show of Israel as a racist state.

Naturally, neither the Ethiopian Jews nor the people of Israel are standing for it.

At Channel 2 Sunday night, a protest organizer noted, “From the beginning of the protest it was quiet, the police showed restraint, we showed restraint. Ayalon (Highway) was blocked for three hours and nothing (i.e. no violence) happened there.”

Then, he explains when they reached Rabin Square, “We came here, all sorts of organizations joined us,” adding, “Everything that you see around here wasn’t supposed to be,” he said, indicating the violent unrest. “It started with unrest, and those who stirred it up – you won’t see anyone from the (Ethiopian) community (among them).”

Deputy Tel Aviv District Commander Brig. Gen. Yoram Ohayon was quoted by Yedioth Aharonoth, a leading newspaper that anarchists funded by the New Israel Fund are behind the violence. Ohayon told the media that “different sorts of anarchists, ‘Lo Nechmadim,’ ‘Hamaabara,’ who are taking part in the protest. They aren’t just taking part in the protest, they’re breaching the agreements with us.”

Hamaabara and Lo Nechmadim are singled out by the New Israel Fund as “giving voice to public engagement” in Israel, and hence worthy of support by the New Israel Fund.

It should be noted across the political spectrum, from the left to the right, government representatives appeared at the protests and agreed racism is unacceptable, as is violence by the police.  Similarly, across the political spectrum, from the courts to the government, the army to the people, the New Israel Fund radical actions are rejected in Israel.

Today, the Tel Aviv Deputy Tel Aviv District Commander of the police said that New Israel Fund funded organizations are responsible for the violence.

Once again, we ask how can the American Jewish community fund the New Israel Fund which harms Israel?  How can Alisa Doctoroff and the Jewish Communal Fund and the Leichtag Foundation and others give funds to an organization which funds violence against Israeli police officers?

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