Is Obama Indirectly Assisting Islamists to Destroy America?

April 22, 2015

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Earl Cox

It’s not just a matter of interpretation.  It’s a matter of understanding the game, the players and the field.  Headlines have accused President Obama of making misleading statements about the framework for the nuclear deal with Iran.  Even the Ayatollah Khamenei weighed in on White House distortions.  Seems that by hook or crook, Obama is determined to get a nuclear deal in order to bolster his dismal legacy but it’s a February headline that bothers me the most:  “Obama rejects as ‘ugly lie’ notion that West is at war with Islam.” Perhaps Obama isn’t at war with Islam, but Islam is certainly at war with America, Israel and the West.

It’s a puzzle as to what’s going on.  It seems the Obama administration and the Kerry State Department are indirectly assisting the Islamists in their planned intent to destroy America and Israel.  How is this possible?  Perhaps President Obama and his administration, including John Kerry and the State Department, are blindly following the advice and counsel being given to them by Islamists on the government payroll.  These Muslim insiders, whose religion demands that their first allegiance is to Islam, have long been infiltrating the United States federal government and the White House.  Those in advisory positions are apparently failing to give accurate and truthful advice on how to engage and negotiate with leaders of Islamic countries.  The result is that foolish and dangerous decisions are being made which are detrimental to America, Israel and the entire free world.

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November 24, 2013 marked the announcement date of the first “framework” deal.  It is reported that an Iranian analyst and advisor to former Iranian President Khatami who served as Iran’s president from 1997 to 2005, wrote a statement which made reference to the U.S./Iranian negotiations as a “Treaty of al-Hudaybiyah to be followed by a conquest of Mecca.”  Deceased Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat also made reference to this treaty in a speech he gave in a mosque while visiting Johannesburg, South Africa talking about “a jihad to liberate Jerusalem.”

Those ignorant of the Islamic mindset have no idea what this statement means but Muslims around the world understand it quite well.  Just what is the “Treaty of al-Hudaybiyyah?”   It’s often the foundation upon which Muslims enter treaties and conduct negotiations and it goes all the way back to Muhammad.   It’s a treaty he both brokered and broke.  Muhammad unilaterally broke the treaty when it was clear to him that his Muslim forces had achieved the tactical advantage in his conquest.  He used a minor infraction to embark on an all out conquest.  If the U.S. Nuclear Arms Deal is a “Treaty of al-Hudaybiyah” then the outcome has been written.  Once Iran sees her way clear to a bomb, and their economic position is strengthened through the lifting of sanctions, Iranian Muslim leaders will break Obama’s nuclear deal.

In a book written by Dr. Andrew Bostom, an American author and Associate Professor of Medicine at Brown University School of Medicine and considered somewhat of an expert on Islam and jihad, relates that according to the principles of Hudaibiyah, Muslims are not to sign a treaty for longer than 10 years.  If a Muslim leader enters such a deal, it is done so only when in a position of weakness and will be reversed when their position changes for the better.  Iran is now in a weakened position thanks to sanctions.  The Obama/Kerry/Iranian Nuke Deal expires in how many years?  Ten!   Their deal will relieve Iranian sanctions. What happens when Iran regains monetary power and is close to a bomb?  The answer could literally be explosive.

Are Obama and Kerry ignorant of truths or simply avoiding them?  With mass communications and the information superhighway, there is simply no excuse for being uninformed on any subject.  While religion may not be a guiding force in the White House, it is the ultimate guiding force for all Muslims.  For Islamic rulers, lasting peace with the enemy (all non-Muslims) is never the long term goal.  Muslims view negotiations and treaties as only a temporary stopover on their road to conquest allowing them time to gain strength and advantage.  Israel understands this quite well and is trying to warn the world but no one seems to be listening, least of all President Obama and Secretary Kerry.   Islam is at war with America and the West and if Obama and Kerry fail to wake up and smell the roses, we will all too soon wake up to the smell of smoke and the heat of devastation as Iran begins to launch her nuclear weapons.
Reprinted with author’s permission from The Jerusalem Post

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