God Doesn’t Play Dice with the Universe, but Obama Plays Dice with Israel

March 26, 2015

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Albert Einstein, genius, brilliant mathematician, and scientist, wrote “God doesn’t play dice with the universe.” Glimpsing at the intricate layers of mathematical and scientific complexities underlying the composition of our material world and of the Universe, Einstein appreciated the amazing rational, logical Mind behind it; the known and unknown laws that govern this Universe, acknowledging a moral Hand inherent in its framing.

But then Einstein wasn’t a politician, nor was he immortal; unlike Barack Obama who is, a politician at least; the immortal saviour aspect still being open to conjecture in some quarters, down dark community activist alleyways and vapid lily white Ivy League hallways. But what is not conjecture is that Obama is indubitably willing to play dice with the very existence of a people, the Jews, and their democratic state, the State of Israel. Why?

Israel is the sole bastion of democracy and refuge for all the oppressed people of the Middle East; Assyrians, Chaldeans, Christians, Copts etc. and the only ME bulwark against terrorism. Why this brazen gambit with apparent barely concealed antipathy towards Israel by lending legitimacy to Iran, a regime on the threshold of nuclear armament?

One reason is his ardent intention to salvage the wreak that is his foreign policy like a desperate gambler, and place all his bets on a nuclear deal with Iran promising “peace in our time.”

BIN-OpEd-Experts-300x250(1)Undeterred by his cataclysmic foreign policy disasters in Afghanistan, Iraq, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, and Iraq-the last being a casualty of his flamboyant pre-emptive withdrawal from Iraq leaving behind a massive power vacuum- and equally unfazed by the rare unanimity of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States and Israel, all in total opposition, warning that it’s a bad deal, that it will lead to military countermeasures including an arms race as each state scrambles for their own nuclear weapons.

Instead, Obama, like a desperate gambler, has placed all his bets on a nuclear deal with Iran promising “peace in our times.” Better a deal with the devil Iran than back America’s steadfast and most threatened ally Israel? A deal with Iran, the world’s first radical fundamentalist Islamic Republic on the scene that rivals Islamic State in its savage pathologies? The country whose biggest export is terror and aid to all terrorist organizations in a concerted worldwide attack to intimidate and coerce the West?

This is the same Iran that has executed 120,000 political prisoners and exterminated all but one or two Christian pastors. A totally sham democracy where the ruling Mullahs preapprove candidates and rigged elections. An Iran whose Mullahs are ranked number one by virtually every international authority on human rights violations; the same Iran that sent hundreds of its schoolboys as human mine detectors clearing the way for their tanks in the Iran-Iraq war! Is this what Supreme leader Khamenei meant when he recently said that “a society steeped in the spirit of martyrdom is unstoppable?”

Clearly this is another “leader” who prefers “leading from behind.” Jerome Corsi notes that “torture, imprisonment without rights, arbitrary arrests, and families unable to contact members arrested for unspecified crimes-these are regular occurrences in the Mullah controlled theocracy”. Many disappear. Some human rights programme Mr Obama. Can we trust these guys? Mr Obama says yes.

Are we expected to forget that this country has Jihad or holy war (a delightful oxymoron, too few ox’s and too many morons) embedded in its constitution and uses terror and violence as an instrument of state to extend their brand of Islamic rule throughout the Middle East? Are we expected to forget that this country, was instrumental in the murder of nearly 300 American marines and a further 300 casualties in Lebanon, Beirut 1983? The same country that provided Iranian military support in the arming and training of the Taliban in Afghanistan as well as protection and safe passage to al Qaeda operatives and support for the Iraq al Qaeda insurgency responsible for at least the death of another 500 American and allied soldiers?

Are we expected to ignore Iran’s twin revolutionary principles or foreign policies: “defying the United States and obstructing US foreign policy in the region as well as not recognizing Israel, as a state” and their stated belief in the words of former Prime Minister Ahmadinejad’s that “a world without America being not only desirable but achievable?” Equally ominous are the constant promises of the Iranian leadership that they will wipe Israel off the face of the earth. Just rhetoric you say? Please, not after 1945. Not after the genocides and mini holocausts of the last five years alone.

What about the things Iran hasn’t tried to hide besides the undermining of the futile attempts by American and coalition troops to create a stable functioning viable Iraqi state?

Firstly, consider its astoundingly successful foundational foreign policy goal since the Iranian revolution of 1979 of removing American presence and influence from the Middle East. Concomitant with apparent White House confusion of thinking, victims of their own spin no doubt, or intoxication with their own brand of “militant liberalism” or simple plain nativity, is the present reality of Iranian military occupation of large parts of Iraq.

In conjunction with its Shiite allies Iran is waging war against ISIS matching brutality with barbarities including the suppression, mass murder and the forced removal of Iraqi Sunni tribes as they pursue the domination of the whole of “Iraq.” And Obama is helping them by tackling Dr. Jekyll and ignoring Mr Hyde. It’s rather dangerous at the moment to be an American ally; you don’t know who is going to push you first. The Sunni tribal leaders who, after the demise of Sadam Hussein, bravely backed America after at great cost know the feeling, so does Mubarak.

Iran is systematically achieving military and political hegemony in the Middle East by controlling Bagdad, Beirut, Damascus and now Sana, in Yemen. It has forces on the Golan Heights, overlooking northern Israel, southern Lebanon, Gaza and deploying along the Syrian Jordanian border as we write. Why?

Also underreported is Iran’s control vis-à-vis allied forces and proxies, over the two strategically vital transit waterways, the Gulf of Hormuz and Port of Aden, or Bab el Mandab straits at the foot of the Red Sea. To put things into perspective, control over these two main arteries ensured Allied victory in both World Wars.

Can we trust Iran to respect the territorial integrity of neighbouring states? Lt. Col. Michael Segull reported by JCPA presented the Iranian perspective by quoting Ali Younesi, a senior advisor to Iranian President Rouhani and former Intelligence Minister:

“Iran today has become an empire as it was throughout history and its capital now is Baghdad, which is the center of our civilization and our culture and identity today as it was in the past…We will defend all the peoples of the region, because we consider them as part of Iran. We will fight Islamic extremism” (an adapted line from Hitler when describing Stalin no doubt) “Takfiris (apostates), atheists, neo-Ottomans, Wahhabists,” (“geo- speak for Saudi Arabia”) the West and Zionism (Israel).”

Need anything more be said?

What sane rational person looking at the facts and applying the logic that if someone’s past actions are predictive of their future actions then how could any impartial observer trust Iran? What is unconscionable is that Obama’s policy is being applied in the knowledge of Iran’s stated foreign policy goals, the destruction of both America and Israel and anyone else in fact, who opposes their will and also in the knowledge that Iran’s ruling political-religious elite embrace Shi-ite Islamic eschatology (end times)! This apocalyptic end time scenario, is one actively created by the “true believers” that will usher in their twelfth Mahdi or Messiah completely destroying the unbelievers-(that’s you and me baby), if you are not a rabid Islamic Shiite 70 virgins guaranteed, murderer.

As fanciful and farfetched as this sounds to western secular minds, remember that one of the two biggest monsters of the 20 century plainly stated in Mein Kampf what his murderous intentions were, but big Media chose once again to gloss over these statements as being rhetorical. Similarly today, Iran’s apocalyptic vision is a mind numbing nuclear horror their “Supreme Leader” and religious-political elite embrace.

Obama has said he can cut a deal with Iran. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu whose country has the most to lose –nuclear extinction – reiterated:

“Iran has defied international inspectors on at least three separate occasions – in 2005, 2006, and 2010. Iran broke the locks, shut off the cameras. Iran was caught operating secret nuclear facilities in Natanz and Qom that inspectors didn’t even know existed. Iran could be hiding nuclear facilities that we don’t know about, and has proven time and again that it cannot be trusted.”

Iran also refuses “inclusion in the nuclear talks of its missile programs or any other issue, such as its involvement in terror, subversive activity in moderate Arab countries, and blatant human rights violations.”

Are these the civilized, rational, responsible humanitarian- minded players Obama should be scrambling to cut a deal with? Any question of what guarantees we have that Iran will keep the terms of the prospective treaty leads to the simple answer, none, other than their word, and we know how much that is worth.

We need to dump this stacked deck and get some smart players. An internationally recognised, nuclear capable Iran is too high a stake to wager. The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, NPT, will be blown sky-high leading to God only knows what else in this, the most unstable environment in the world! Can we trust Obama’s gambling instincts to play a successful hand?

To answer that, look at his track record. His sanguinity is deadly reminiscent of Obama’s Presidential Executive Order111which decreed after 50 years of bipartisan American foreign policy of supporting “authoritarian, secular but stable”, albeit despotic, government rule in the Middle East, that America under Obama was going to support “moderate” “Islamist movements” wave his imperial liberal wand and introduce a new Arab Springtime. This tectonic shift in American foreign policy sent political seismic waves across the ME that have quite literally, unleashed unbridled centuries of sectarian hate in a tsunami of bloodletting over the last five years; but of course that’s all mostly history now isn’t it like the many shattered ancient ethnic religious minorities genocidally obliterated across the Middle East with, it seems, a nuclearized hate.

One cannot overlook the poignant replay of a great historical religious drama to this event. Prime Minister Netanyahu addresses the American Congress on the eve of the Purim, the Israeli feast that celebrates their national deliverance through the agency of Queen Esther and her influence on the Persian King Xerxes, from Haman the Amalekite’s plot to exterminate all Jews throughout the Persian Empire. Xerxes is made known of Haman’s diabolical political chicanery and manoeuvring and in characteristic eastern fashion Xerxes does to him what Haman had sought to do to the Jews. Xerxes heeded and this great ancient superpower prospered.

Will Obama as leader of the sole present superpower do the same? Or will the USA like present Persia (Iran), for so long great friends with Israel, part company and become enemies by playing dice with her existence? Hitler’s guarantees guaranteed nothing. Obama’s assurances and promises promise nothing, except the same result: war.

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