In the Shadow of God, Closing and Opening Doors

March 18, 2015

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When I first heard that the portion of the Torah which was read last Saturday in synagogues all around the world contained a reference to Nissan 1, the dedication of the Tabernacle, I said “wow”.

I was familiar with that passage, and had already thought of it in connection to the upcoming Nissan 1.  However, when Rabbi Tuly Weisz of Israel365 told me that the key craftsman in that story, Bezalel, was a name given to him by God, and that his name Hebrew means “in the shadow (or protection) of God” I was speechless, because it finally gave us a direct connection between the shadow of the Total Solar Eclipse at the North Pole, and Nissan 1!

As if that was not enough, Tuly then went on to point out that Bezalel was of the house of Judah, and pointed to the verses in Exodus 31 where his description contains Messianic language “I have filled him with the Spirit of God in wisdom, in understanding, in knowledge.”  Then he reminded us that the very same description is used in the Messianic passage of Isaiah 11:1-10 from which Gidon Ariel, leader of Root Source, has selected the prayer verse of Isaiah 11:9!

Isaiah 11:9 reads: They will not hurt or destroy in all of my Holy Mountain, because the earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.  This was selected in part because the Eclipse was over the ocean, and its shadow was always touching the water.

So, putting all these things items together, we have a Messianic passage in Exodus that links a man whose name is ‘shadow of God’ to the Messiah, and we have in Isaiah another Messianic passage that links “knowledge of God’ to the seas around the world!

In short, we have the Total Solar Eclipse of March 20, 2015!  God is certainly amazing to bring together these thoughts in a ‘just in time fashion.’

To all this big picture perspective, however, I would like to add a personal one.

The fact that God used this week’s Torah portion to mark this solar eclipse as being from Him, answers a question I had been struggling with for quite some time. You see, because of my experience in astronomy, and looking at eclipse tables, I had noticed the uniqueness of this solar eclipse over two years ago:  sunrise at the North Pole on the First Day of Spring and on which Nissan 1 occurs while the sun turns into its most glorious image on earth – that of a total solar eclipse.

Can you imagine carrying something like that in your heart and mind without speaking about it?

Every time I was about to talk about it, the doors closed, at least 5 if not 10 times they closed. Was I doing something wrong? Was I not trying hard enough to please God? Have you not experienced something similar in your life, where your present reality does not match what you feel God still wants to do through something you know?

And as the eclipse neared, I was absolutely sure that many would notice what I had noticed, which would make my earlier discovery irrelevant!  When we do receive something special from the Lord, is there not a part of us too that wonders if that knowledge or understanding will be overshadowed somehow, especially if it is just being carried and not shared?  But incredibly month after month ticked by with no word about this event.

Finally, the information was made public was because my Root Source partner Gidon Ariel asked me just two weeks ago to gather my materials together and put together a few free video lessons on the topic of Blood Moons.  The nearness of the upcoming solar eclipse made it essential that I move immediately to develop that lesson first, releasing it last Thursday, just in time for Tuly to walk into the synagogue on Saturday and read Exodus 31 and see that Bezalel’s name, given to him by God, means, ‘shadow’.

So while there is a global message from God that He moves in big picture history, does it not comfort you, as it does me, that this great and glorious God might work in multiple ways at once?

He does not only act globally, He acts locally.

He not only cares about nations and wars, and seas and land,

He cares about single individuals like you and me.

So my hope is that your waiting would also end, when you too can hear the implicit message I just heard from God in this week’s Torah portion, “Bob, you can relax now. It was really Me closing all those doors. I did it so that when I was finally ready to open one, it would have My name on it, not yours.”


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