Please Pray for the Outcome of Israel’s Election

March 17, 2015

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“Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, those who love her will be serene.” Psalm 122

I just returned from casting my vote for the State of Israel’s 20th Knesset and am completely humbled by the awesomeness of the experience.

Living here for just three years, this was only my second Israeli election, but I hope the feelings of drama and elation never fade and I always appreciate God’s blessing our generation with the opportunity to vote for a Jewish prime minister in the State of Israel.

This has been a contentious political season as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been attacked by forces both internally and from abroad. Much ink has been spilled on the pages of Breaking Israel News about the Obama administration’s attempt to interfere with Israeli politics and undermine the only truly democratically elected leader in the Middle East.

It is not my intention here to draw attention to the many serious threats facing the State of Israel today and argue on behalf of any political candidate. I am writing to ask you, the readers of Breaking Israel News, an important personal favor.

If you lived here, I would ask you to vote.

But since most of you live outside the Land, I am asking you to pray today for the future of the State of Israel.

We know that the God of Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps, and may the One True God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bring to power a sacred leader who follows faithfully in His ways leading the People of Israel to safety and prosperity.

I have been encouraged today by the prayers and notes of many friends and readers.

Thank you Barb and Bob Stonecypher, friends from when I lived in Ohio, for writing to me this afternoon:

Just to let you know you have friends here in the Columbus area who following the election right this minute with lots of prayer!  We met yesterday just to pray for Israel and today are staying close to the news via the computer.”

Thank you to Leslie Duverge who joined our Israel365 trip to the Holy Land last May for writing to me this morning:

“Please encourage your friends and families to vote today for the only leader who will make sure to protect the Land of Israel and its people. Make Hashem guide this election towards the preservation of the Jewish State.”

All the other letters I received brought similar comfort and assurance that the State of Israel has genuine friends all over the world, both Jewish and non-Jewish.

May the King of Kings bring leadership today who courageously stands up to both our friends and our enemies with humility and resolve. And may our Father in Heaven bless the State of Israel, “the first flowering of our redemption” and lead our people, and the entire world, to true and lasting peace, Amen.

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