Caution, Israel! Don’t elect Doves to do a Lion’s job

March 17, 2015

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Earl Cox

Has President Obama’s former national campaign field director, Jeremy Bryd, succeeded in changing Israelis into “doves?” It’s no secret that Bryd and his operatives have been in Israel working against Netanyahu and the Likud Party while at the same time promoting the Zionist Union party. America’s president seems determined to defeat Netanyahu one way or the other. While Obama may appear to have supreme power, the real power in America rests with the U.S. House and Senate and both fully support Israel. Unlike President Obama, the United States Congress and Senate value the democratic process.

Meddling in the election of another country to weaken its position is not an act of friendship. After so many years of being attacked by radical Muslims, it seems that Israelis should be on high alert and recognize that the last thing they need is to have dovish leaders negotiating Israel’s future. Israel is at a very critical point.

Now is not the time to appear divided and weak. Talking with Iran will not stop their military-minded nuclear ambitions any more than giving jobs to terrorists will alter their murderous intentions and somehow turn them into good citizens. Iran is waving a red flag in the face of world leaders and daring anyone to challenge them.

Netanyahu understands their game and their tactics and is the only leader willing to call it like it is. Hungry for a peace deal, President Obama and others are too concerned about their own political legacy to take a firm stand against Iran.

The American public is deeply concerned about the outcome of the upcoming elections in Israel, because we understand that Israel is on the front lines of the world’s war on terror and we surely don’t want any doves fighting a lion’s battle. Is it possible that Israel is about to make the same mistake as America made when we elected a dovish president … twice?

Of all the nations in the world, Israel needs strong leaders who will stand their ground against those whose goal is to wipe Israel off the face of the map.

The deal being made with Iran by the Obama administration is going to take seasoned Israeli leaders who have the experience and courage to stand up against a rogue Islamic regime.

Israel needs leaders who are willing to take whatever measures are necessary to preserve and protect Israel and her people against those who publicly declare their intentions to destroy the land and its people. Before Israelis cast their votes this week, they would be wise to look at what a dovish U.S. president has done to diminish America’s image.

Once upon a time we were a strong super power and proud to proclaim ourselves as “one nation under God.” We had the protection and favor of the Almighty but we turned away from Him. In doing so, we largely abandoned our Judeo-Christian values and have been on a downward spiral ever since.

Today the once powerful and blessed United States is often viewed as only a weak paper tiger. Surely the people of Israel are smart enough to know that fighting radical Islamists with dovish diplomacy rather than strength and boldness is a losing proposition.

The only language understood by radical Islam is that of power and strength. If recent polls conducted in Israel are any indication that a dovish party will lead Israel into the future, then Israelis could be digging a hole with no escape. There appears to be only one hope for Israel to prevent a nuclear attack from Iran while at the same time defending herself from a host of other Islamic enemies and that is to elect a party with a proven record of standing strong to protect the land and its people. We can learn much from history. Remember the shepherd boy who, against all odds, successfully defended his people against the giant Goliath. Favored by God, this shepherd boy went on to become the greatest of all kings, King David.

The one person many Israeli voters may be contemplating putting out to pasture this week just may be the one person best suited to carry Israel safely into the future which brings us to another history lesson.

There was a time when the Israelis asked God for a king and God gave them King Saul only to have them later deeply regret their request. My prayer is that Israel will not compromise her future by calling for leaders whose only political skill is that of compromise.

Israel is surrounded by enemies who understand only strength. It took strength, courage and real conviction for Netanyahu to travel to the States to address a joint session of the U.S. Congress when the pressure for him to do otherwise was overwhelming. America needs a strong Israeli leader. Take a lesson from the path many Americans chose and for which we are now suffering the consequences – “change” is not necessarily a good thing.

Reprinted with author’s permission from JPost

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