US Senate Launches Probe into State Dept. Support of Anti-Netanyahu Campaign

March 15, 2015

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A bi-partisan US Senate panel has launched an investigation into allegations that the US State Department provided an anti-Netanyahu political group taxpayer funded grants, Fox News reported on Saturday.

The Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations agreed to look into charges that US non-profit OneVoice, and its affiliate V15, who seek to unseat Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu through grassroots efforts, were funded in part by the State Department.

A source told Fox News that to date, OneVoice has received some $350,000 in departmental grants.

Founded in 2002, OneVoice seeks to create a two-state solution to help resolve the Israel-Palestinian peace process. The organization utilizes regular citizens to carry out the grunt work of the organizations causes.

The last payment to OneVoice by the State Department came in November 2014, a month before new elections were called in Israel.

OneVoice spokesperson Payton Knox denied that the organization was working with the Obama administration to overthrow Netanyahu.

“OneVoice is eager to cooperate with any inquiry,” he said Saturday. “And after a fair examination, we are confident no wrong doing will be found.”

Netanyahu’s Likud party claims that the V15 organization, which works alongside OneVoice, “operates with aid from radical leftist groups such as OneVoice and Molad, which are supported by millions of dollars flowing in from Europe (and) the United States.”

The political party charged that the group was being supported “by international actors who are interested in deposing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.”

Already in January, Republican lawmakers asked Obama officials to clarify their involvement with OneVoice and V15 following a report that Jeremy Bird, the national field director for US President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign, was hired by the OneVoice movement to help depose Netanyahu.

Israeli elections will take place on Tuesday, March 17.

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