Why Thinking People are Rethinking the Theory of Evolution

March 4, 2015

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One of the greatest threats to Bible believers are secular scientists who promote an anti God world-view and “prove” their theories with biology, physics and other academic evidence.

In his groundbreaking new book, “The Evolution Revolution”, Dr. Lee Spetner critiques the most glaring anti-religious scientific theory and presents compelling evidence showing that the theory of evolution is entirely wrong.

We’ve all been educated about evolution – about the “fact” that all living species have evolved from some primitive, single-celled life form, and the “theory” that it happened by means of random mutations and natural selection.

According to prominent evolutionist Richard Dawkins “The feature of living matter that most demands explanation is that it is almost unimaginably complicated in directions that convey a powerful illusion of deliberate design.” In under 200 pages, Spetner shows that deliberate design is no illusion.

In “The Evolution Revolution” Spetner offers strong evidence that the data we have supports neither the “theory” nor the “fact” of evolution. Instead, Spetner argues that the data actually supports an entirely different theory, the Nonrandom Evolutionary Hypothesis, which has far-reaching consequences for humanity.

“The Neo-Darwinists have pulled the wool over our eyes for over 100 years,” said Dr. Shalom Kelman of the University of Maryland School of Medicine, “Spetner has proven them wrong.”

Lee Spetner earned his PhD in physics from MIT in 1950. After serving in the U.S. Navy, he worked in research and development and military systems management for forty years. Spetner first became interested in evolution after moving to Israel in 1970. Since then he has emerged as a leading “Jewish Creationist” speaking at conferences in Israel and throughout the world.

While most of the evidence Spetner compiles comes from his scientific background, he also quotes from traditional Jewish sources.  In a discussion about fossils in chapter four “The False Arguments for Evolution” Spetner quotes Jewish scholar Rabbi Israel Lifshitz, a leading theologian of two centuries ago.

Lifshitz did not see fossils as a challenge to the Bible, but rather as a confirmation of it. This approach appears repeatedly in one form or another throughout “The Evolution Revolution.”

In his previous book, “Not By Chance!” Dr. Spetner presented compelling evidence that life on earth could not have developed through the random processes described by the theory of evolution. Prominent biologists and geneticists praised Spetner’s book as one of the most serious challenges to evolutionary theory.

If you pride yourself on being someone who thinks for himself, you must read “The Evolution Revolution.”

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