White House Media Blitz Promotes Obama as Pro-Israel Ahead of Netanyahu Speech

March 2, 2015

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The White House is in a lobbying frenzy this week in the midst of an upcoming speech to Congress by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s (AIPAC) conference.

On the White House website, a dedicated post highlighting Obama’s relationship to Israel is the latest attempt to bolster the presidents standing with the Jewish state.

Listing “five key facts you need to know about the US-Israel relationship under President Obama,” the blog post plugs Obama’s credentials as a supporter of the State of Israel.

“Under President Obama’s leadership, American engagement with Israel has grown and strengthened to an unprecedented degree,” the blog read.

“From meeting frequently with Israeli leaders to ensuring that Israel remains the largest recipient of U.S. foreign assistance, the President is deeply committed to helping Israel maintain its strength and security.”

The post highlighted that “the first country to recognize Israel, the United States has forged a deep and unshakable bond with Israel through a multifaceted relationship that reflects the depth and breadth of the ties between our people and the values that we share.”


Obama, who is described as “a strong defender” of Israel, has “strengthened Israel’s defense in concrete and unprecedented ways.” The post laid out several financial benefits Israel has received under Obama since 2009 as well as a bolstering of military relations between the two countries.

The White House emphasized the president’s support of Israel’s “quest for peace with its neighbors. President Obama as repeatedly stood up for a two-state solution that ensures the peace and security of Israelis and Palestinians.”

The list was posted two days before Netanyahu is scheduled to speak before Congress on the danger of a nuclear Iran. The prime minister has been outspoken in his rejection of a “bad deal” with Iran, brokered by the P5+1.

Before departing to Washington on Sunday, Netanyahu stated that he “will do everything in my ability to secure our future.” The prime minister described himself as “an emissary” of the Jewish nation.

Ahead of the speech, the White House has embarked on a rhetoric campaign against the prime minister. Last week, top Obama official National Security Adviser Susan Rice called Netanyahu’s speech “destructive” to US-Israel relations.

Looking to calm tensions revolving around the prime minister’s controversial speech, US Secretary of State John Kerry spoke by phone with Netanyahu on Saturday, The New York Times reported.

US Secretary of State John Kerry, who last week unleashed a scathing attack on Netanyahu’s judgment on Iran in a Congressional hearing, insisted on Sunday that the US is giving Iran “the benefit of the doubt” as negotiators work towards a long-term nuclear agreement.

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