An Ideology of Destruction is the Hallmark of Radical Islam

March 2, 2015

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I believe I’d be correct in saying that virtually the entire civilized world is asking these questions: How long will it take for Western nations to say, enough is enough?

When will the West take strong and effective actions against radical Muslims and their inhumane atrocities and violence?

An historic anti-terror march in Paris last month attracted an estimated four million people after Islamic terrorists killed 17 innocent people in three separate attacks in the French capital. It was great to see Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and several of his cabinet members in the front row along with the numerous foreign dignitaries who attended.

Will this four-million-man-march serve as the first step forward in pushing a strong response, by the West, to counter horrible, widespread radical Islamic violence and terrorism? I hope so.

Western nations possess enough power to end these massacres and threats. But total, unwavering commitment to the challenge is what is needed for the U.S. and other civilized nations to put an end to this carnage. The media squabbled over the actual number of marchers. Whatever the number, it proved to be the greatest and largest political demonstration in world history.

With leaders of many nations participating, the march was even more impressive. Are we witnessing the return of the Nazis of WWII and their annihilation of six million Jews, plus many others, in the form of radical Muslim jihadis? Many believe this is so.

Hopefully, the heads of state marching arm-in-arm in Paris will use that occasion to muster up courage for quick and strong military action against militant Islam. Netanyahu has warned that radical Islam is indeed a serious threat to the entire world, not simply to Israel.

The newest and most dangerous of the radical Islamic militant forces is ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). No one is yet effectively opposing this evil force. Surely civilized people don’t want to see Hitler-styled inhumane atrocities flourish ever again! Sticking out like a sore thumb in the crowd was the Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas.

France issued a belated invitation to Abbas but acted as if he had been invited from the beginning. Certainly, this felt like a slap-in-the-face to Netanyahu and to Israel. Why? Abbas’ Palestinian Fatah and Hamas militants have long been using violence and terror against their Israeli neighbors.

How in the world could France even consider inviting him to march against terrorism when he himself is a sponsor of terror? Criticizing Abbas, another Palestinian leader, Mahmoud al-Zahar who is the co-founder of Hamas, publicly insisted that Abbas should not have attended.

In his remarks al-Zahar stated, “Abbas wants to seem as if he is fighting terror, but he doesn’t even know the meaning of terror.” His point was that while Abbas is a supporter of terror, he’s too soft in his tactics. Mahmoud al-Zahar is currently openly calling for the building of additional tunnels from which to infiltrate and inflict additional acts of terror on innocent Israeli civilians.

Of course, the Israeli press quickly picked up his remarks. Some Parisians in the march carried signs saying, “I am Charlie,” to commemorate the innocent people killed by the radical Muslims. Of course they were also declaring that they could be the next innocent victims of an attack.

The Paris murders exposed Islamic Muslim intolerance on such a colossal scale that innocent people around the world were left with no choice but to also declare, “I am Charlie.” It is no coincidence. While all Muslims may not be terrorists, almost all of today’s terrorists are Muslims.

What, then, do radical Muslim massacres demonstrate? If anything, they tell us that Islam and Judeo-Christian values of Western democratic nations cannot co-exist regardless of what President Obama says. Why? Radical Muslims won’t allow co-existence.

It appears that it will have to be one or the other. Radical Muslims are striving to force the entire world to adhere to their harsh and violent values. Each and every deadly assault on Western democracy is a slap-in-the-face to Western, Judeo-Christian freedoms and values of life and liberty. Some analysts stress that, by their actions, Muslims are demonstrating to the Western World that they are willing and able to fight for their beliefs.

We in the West had better come to grips with this urgent reality before it’s too late otherwise democracy and freedom will become only words, words that represent ideas, words found only in dictionaries. Western leaders have buried their heads in the sand long enough. It’s time each and every one accepted a dose of the truth in order to be able to act with wisdom and understanding. Those who want to preserve and protect freedom and democracy are not afraid of the truth.

Knowledge is power. Only those with agendas which conflict with our Judeo-Christian values and who embrace other ideologies wish for the masses to stay in the dark.

Reprinted with author’s permission from The Jerusalem Post

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