Did Susan Rice Drink Too Much Obama Kool Aid?

February 27, 2015

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In a recent interview, US National Security Adviser Susan Rice rebuked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his upcoming speech to Congress.

Calling the speech “destructive” to the US-Israel relationship, Rice’s comments only highlight the growing rift between the Obama administration and the prime minister.

In a long Facebook post slamming Rice’s comments, Fox News anchor and commentator Greta Van Susteren incredulously asked, “Has President Obama’s National Security Adviser Susan Rice gone off the deep end? What kool aid is SHE drinking?”

Van Susteren continued: “Rice…just claimed to Charlie Rose on CBS that Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to Congress next week is ‘destructive’ to the relationship between the US and Israel. Really? PM Netanyahu is the destructive one to the relationship?”

In defense of the prime minister, the Fox News host laid out four times US President Barack Obama was “destructive” to the relationship the US has with Israel.

The first instance was when Obama was caught “trash talking” Netanyahu with former French President Nicolas Sarkozy in 2011.

Sarkozy told Obama that he couldn’t stand the prime minister, to which Obama responded, “You are sick of him, but I have to deal with him every day.”


The second time Obama chipped away at the relationship with Israel is when he failed to show up from a solidarity rally in Paris last month following the terror attacks on a satirical French magazine and kosher grocery store.

In a later interview, the president called the Jewish victims of the terror attack “just a bunch of folks” who died in a “random” incident. Obama’s comments are in line with his adopted position of refusing to attribute radical Islam as the main reason behind the terror attacks and others around the world.

The third instance, according to Van Susteren, was “In October and Administration official called PM Netanyahu in a magazine article ‘chicken****’ and a ‘coward.’” The comments caused an international scandal, known today as “Chicken****gate.”

Van Susteren further blasted Obama for not immediately apologizing on behalf of the administration official who anonymously issued the comment.

Lastly, in what seems to be the final straw, Van Susteren listed all the ways the Obama administration plans to insult and snub Netanyahu during his upcoming trip to Washington. Offenses include Obama’s refusal to meet with Netanyahu, Democratic lawmakers boycotting the speech, and US Vice President Joe Biden skipping the address.

“Does she [Rice] think THAT was not destructive to the relationship?” Van Susteren writes.

“The is all because the White House is upset because Speaker Boehner did not tell them first before inviting PM Netanyahu. Do you know how insane that is to be upset about ‘manners’ and ‘protocol’ when the topic is NUCLEAR WEAPONS?” Van Susteren concludes.

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