In Call for Revenge, Iran Targets Netanyahu’s Sons

January 28, 2015

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A website affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC) has painted a proverbial target on the backs of the sons of the current and former prime ministers of Israel.

The threat came in response to an alleged IAF airstrike last week in Syria in which 12 Hezbollah and Iranian operatives, including an Iranian general, were killed.

Mashregh News website ran an opinion piece in which it suggested several ways Tehran could retaliate for the alleged Israeli assault. This included a “revenge operation” against Yair and Avner Netanyahu, sons of current PM Benjamin Netanyahu, along with Shaul Olmert, son of former PM Ehud Olmert, and Gilad and Omri Sharon, sons of the late prime minister Ariel Sharon.

The Netanyahu boys are shown in crosshairs on the website, in a photograph alongside their parents. The article also included detailed biographical information about the young men, although Jerusalem Online pointed out that information appeared to have been lifted from Wikipedia.

Since the air strike, which also killed senior Hezbollah commanders Muhammad Issa and Jihad Mughniyeh, son of slain terror mastermind Imad Mughniyeh, Iran and Hezbollah have issued various threats against Israel.

Last week, IRGC General Ali Jafari warned Israel would suffer “destructive thunderbolts”, and Jerusalem Online quoted IRGC senior level official Hussein Salami, who stated Saturday that “Iran needs to act against the Zionist aggression with unique measures.”

Israel’s Channel 2 reported on Friday that the strike targeted a new terror hierarchy which was set to begin offensives against Israel, including “kidnappings, firing rockets and mortar shells, and using anti-tank weapons against Israeli residential areas.” The unit, under Iranian sponsorship, included both recruitment and intelligence divisions.

According to the report, the airstrike was meant to demonstrate that “a red line was crossed that Israel would not tolerate.”

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