ISIS Calls on Lone Wolf Terrorists to Wage Jihad in Home Countries

January 28, 2015

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The Islamic State (ISIS) terror group is calling on lone wolves to rise up and wage Jihad on the Western world.

In a posting on social media pages affiliated with ISIS, the following instructions were posted for these would-be terrorists: “Take what suits you and benefit you and we hopefully would not be denied the rewards of your good deeds. After you do your operation, stay away from your known locations, your familiar area. Don’t use phone calls before and after your operation, and don’t depend on official paperwork. You must cover your face, and you must not leave any thumb prints as your brothers of operation Charlie Hebdo did.”

Additional advice to these lone wolves sets up worst-case scenarios and encourages them to kill as many Westerners as possible.

“You must have a plan for you withdrawal after the operation is done, a clear and effective plan, so they won’t be able to trace you easily. Hurry up and move to another state immediately after your operation.”

isis lone wolves social media 2

“Make sure you have your belt ready, don’t you ever allow them to catch you alive so they will torture you, become Shaheed and kill couple of them at the same time. Avoid large numbers in your operations, it will make hard for you to withdraw afterwards.”

The information, posted by ISIS supporter “Hamel al-Bushra” (Bearer of Tidings) on their Twitter page, claims that “ISIS has continued fighting the ‘internal enemies’ within the Arab world, thus compelling the ‘far enemy’  – America and its allies – to intervene and become entangled in a difficult war.”

The group then proceeds to criticize al-Qaeda for not doing enough to attack the west. They slam the terror group for thinking they are waging Jihad by simply publishing a magazine.

Al-Bushra reiterates the call by ISIS spokesman Al-‘Adnani to commit terror attacks in Western countries. Indeed, the so called ‘lone wolves’ took up the call in recent months attacking  the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa, as well as targets in Australia, Belgium, and most recently France.

Lone wolves have become a significant threat in Western countries, and as the postings by ISIS affiliated groups accurately depicts, these terrorists feel that they are no different than the fighters in Fallujah  or Kobane, and set out to attack Western targets in their home countries.

Al-Bushra even goes so far as to threaten all of Europe, Russia and the US saying that their cities will be attacked by lone wolf terrorists who “will soon strike them in their cities with bombs, knives, car bombs and even by spreading hazardous radioactive Caesium 131 in the streets and train stations.”

The last threat is raising eyebrows more so than the ones that precede it with the question of where terrorists are obtaining chemical materials.

isis lone wolves social media

Al-Bushra blamed the US-led coalition airstrikes on ISIS as being the main reason as to the widespread threats, claiming that the citizens of any country whose military participates or supports the attacks is fair game.

Radical Islam has now become the main threat across the globe, with European countries finally waking up to the threat more so than ever before, following the recent attacks in France and the Islamization of many of their cities.

For over a year now, London has had Christian and Muslim patrols battling over control of the city’s East End. Muslim patrols try to enforce Sharia law upon the inhabitants by bullying them, and the Christian patrols, who are attempting to counter the Sharia patrols, harass Muslims in the same neighborhoods to pass the message that Muslims will not rule the city.

As calls to join the Islamic holy war against the West increase each day, one thing is clear: The war against terror has ceased being about Israel and has truly become a war of civilizations, one, which by now, has engulfed most parts of the world, if not all of it.

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