You Don’t Have to Search Anymore for the Lost Ark

November 23, 2014

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“The A.R.K. Report: Secret for the Century” by Harry Moskoff is a must read for those curious and concerned about the past, present and future of Israel, the Middle East and the entire world. Throughout history, many have searched for the mysterious Ark of the Covenant, and Moskoff, a real life Indiana Jones, reviews the ark’s fascinating history and offers his own theory on the Ark’s whereabouts in his riveting new book.

Also called the Ark of the Covenant, the Ark is exactly that – a testimony to the covenant between God and the People of Israel. It is for this reason that Harry Moskoff is so interested in discovering its location. As Rabbi Issamar Ginzberg mentions in the forward, Moskoff, “wants to raise awareness in finding the Ark so to inspire excitement and love in our relationship with the Creator.”

In his thoroughly researched and exciting book, Moskoff discusses the centrality of the holy vessel which, according to Jewish tradition, houses both sets of the Ten Commandments. He explains why the Ark has been such a central focus for years, different theories as to its whereabouts, and expands to discuss the holiness of the Temple Mount itself.

Based on years of extensive research and hands on archaeological excavations, Moskoff includes his theory as to the whereabouts of the Ark, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise. To find out where the Ark is today, you’re going to have to read Moskoff’s fascinating “The A.R.K.Report.”


“The A.R.K Report” contains the inside scoop on humanities holiest treasure and includes the known chronology of the Ark from the time of its construction until it is hidden underground by King Josiah. The book also contains the captivating history and chronology of the Temple Mount from scripture until 1967.

At the conclusion of the book Moskoff contains excerpts from interviews he conducted as part of an upcoming documentary, “The Final Agenda for Mankind.” Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, Jerusalem Post Editor-in-Chief, Steve Linde as well as Knesset Member Danny Danon discuss a wide range of issues with Moskoff augmenting the other parts of the book with urgent relevancy.

Through Scripture and history, Moskoff’s “The A.R.K. Report” outlines the Jewish claim to Jerusalem and the Land of Israel, from Biblical to present times. As Moskoff puts it, “When the Ark is revealed, as it will be in time, the world will know that God is real, and that the Land of Israel was given as an inheritance to the Jews.” Then, the Ark will be able to fulfil its true purpose, “to ultimately reveal the absolute unity of God in the world.”

Order “The A.R.K. Report” here.



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