Hamas: Nice Try Israel, But You Didn’t Destroy All Our Terror Tunnels

October 5, 2014

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Hamas spokesman Mushir Al-Masri said on Thursday that despite Israel’s best efforts, the IDF did not destroy all of the terror group’s terror tunnels.

Al-Masri confirmed that despite peace talks with Israel, which are to resume at the end of October in Cairo, Hamas remains fully committed to armed conflict against the Jewish state.

“The ‘resistance’ is the basis for the clash with Israel. Only through the ‘resistance’ can victory and liberation [of Palestine] be accomplished,” he told the Hamas journal Al-Risala, reports Walla!


He added that “there is no doubt that Gaza succeeded in achieving victory by the nation standing firm and the courage of the ‘resistance,’ which surprised the enemy on land, sea and air.”

Al-Masri concluded by saying “the enemy did not succeed in stopping the rocket fire, and also didn’t succeed in destroying the military tunnels.”

During Operation Protective Edge, one of Israel’s main objectives was destroying the vast infrastructure of terror tunnels built by Hamas from Gaza into Israel. According to the IDF, the army said it destroyed all the tunnel, which numbered more than 30.

Al-Masri’s comments indicate that Israel failed to destroy hidden or unknown tunnels. They can also refer to reports of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad terror group’s activities of rebuilding terror tunnels, which both groups say began minutes after the ceasefire was announced on August 26.

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