Netanyahu to Ban Ki-Moon: Human Right’s Council “Biased Against Israel, Defends Hamas”

October 1, 2014

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Tuesday afternoon and called out the international organization for upholding double standards against Israel.

According to a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), Netanyahu complained “that there was no justice in the fact that the standard applied to Israel was different than that applied to other countries.”

Citing the violent civil war in Syria, the prime minister pointed out that 200,000 innocent civilians “have been slaughtered” across Syria. Netanyahu told Ban that “the UN’s conduct toward Israel was disproportionate.”

Netanyahu stressed that Israel, unlike Syrian President Bashar Assad, does not purposely carry out any attacks on civilians, adding that he regretted any harm done to innocent civilians.

The PMO also reported that Netanyahu questioned why the UN Human Right’s Council (UNHRC) was not focusing its inquiry on Hamas, which was notorious for using civilians as human shields during the recent 50-day conflict between Israel and terrorists in Gaza.

Netanyahu told Ban that “Hamas had perpetrated a double war crime by using the residents of Gaza as human shields and deliberately firing at the residents of Israel.”


The prime minister made clear that he will never apologize for the fact that Israel has the Iron Dome missile defense system in place to protect its citizens from indiscriminate terrorist rocket fire, a reference to a previous UNHRC condemnation of Israel for not sharing its Iron Dome technology with Hamas.

Netanyahu added that “the council was biased against Israel and defends Hamas.”

Echoing a prevalent theme in his recent speech to the UN General Assembly, Netanyahu said that Israel will continue to defend itself against the threat of militant Islam. He warned that “Iran is continuing to work towards achieving the ability to arm itself with nuclear weapons,” an outcome Netanyahu is working hard to avoid.

When it comes to Israel’s neighbors in the north, Netanyahu pointed out that Hezbollah in Lebanon was in direct violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701 by continuing to build up its arsenals.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu holding up a photo of Hamas in Gaza about to carry out an execution of an innocent Gazan. (Photo: Avi Ohayon/ GPO)
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu holding up a photo of Hamas in Gaza about to carry out an execution of an innocent Gazan. (Photo: Avi Ohayon/ GPO)

Netanyahu reiterated to Ban that there has been no change in his willingness to conduct peace negotiations with a militarized Palestinian state. According to the PMO’s, the prime minister told Ban that “the conflict with the Palestinians was not about the settlements but about the Jewish state’s right to exist.”

In remarks given later the same evening on Tuesday, Netanyahu told a gathering at a conference by the Jewish Federation Leaders that his main goal at the UN is the spread the truth.

“Every time I come to the UN I try to tell the truth as it is,” he said. The prime minister shared a photo with the gathering, one he did not show at the UN during his address.

“This is an impending execution. But this isn’t ISIS, this is Hamas. And during the recent fighting in Gaza, right around the time that ISIS was doing its grisly deeds, Hamas executed dozens of Palestinians just to impose fear and force the population of Gaza into submission,” he said.

“It’s true there are some difference between Hamas and ISIS…But to the victims, and the victims’ families, the horror is the same,” he added.

The prime minister is wrapping up a three day visit to the United States in which he is meeting with world leaders about major topics from his address to the UN. On Wednesday, Netanyahu will meet with US President Barack Obama in Washington.

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