Israel’s Population Grows in Past Year

September 22, 2014

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As the Jewish New Year quickly approaches, Israel’s Population and Immigration Authority released a report with some good news showing an increase in the total population in Israel.

It is estimated that Israel’s population stands at 8,904,373 people, an increase of 173,811 in the last year.

The number of new olim (immigrants) to Israel this past year stands at 24,801. During the past year, 176,230 babies were born, of which 90,646 were boys and 85,584 were girls.

The report showed that the most popular girl’s names this past year in Israel was Tamar, followed by the more classic Israeli names of Noa and Shira. Also among the top ten names for girls was Talia, Leean, Yael, Adelle, Maya, Miriam and Abigail.

For boys, the most popular name was Josephe, followed by Daniel and Ori. Among the top ten names for boys were Itay, Noam, Eitan, Adam, Omer, Ariel and David.


Over the last year, 140,591 were married in Israel, of which were Israelis. However, 32,457 people were divorced, of which 23,419 were Israelis.

Speaking at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hailed the newest numbers as a triumph over the Holocaust and other tragedies that have befallen the Jewish people.

“I can say that there are more than six million Jews in Israel, in light of the course our people has taken in the last century,” Netanyahu stated. “Israel is not short of challenges, but our strength is unifying the nation and repelling our enemies.”

The prime minister wished Jews all around the world a happy holiday.

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