“For Israel’s Sake,” Christian Broadcasters Unite in Special Telethon in Support of Israel

September 18, 2014

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As Israel has finally seen a reprieve from the most recent war that terrorized the nation, Christian broadcasters worldwide are uniting together to stand with Israel in a very unique way.

On Sunday, September 21, Christian broadcasters and ministry leaders across denominational lines will come together with one heart to show solidarity with the people and nation of Israel. An emergency campaign, called “For Israel’s Sake: Joining Hands – Saving Lives,” is seeking to encourage people to pray for Israel, stand for Israel, and support Israel through financial donations.

Annette Garcia, President of SON Broadcasting and one of the spearheaders of the event, explained the importance of taking a proactive stand with regards to showing support for Israel.

“Nations have spoken out against Israel’s right to defend itself, and anti-Semitism is rising at an alarming rate. According to the Word, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will ultimately judge every nation as to how Israel is treated,” she said.

Garcia expressed her hope for the success of the event; “‘For Israel’s Sake’ will be an example to all that we accept our responsibility to stand with Israel. It is our way of fulfilling the words of the prophet Isaiah 62:1, ‘For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent, For Jerusalem’s sake I will not remain quiet, Till her righteousness shines out like the dawn, Her salvation like a blazing torch.’”

Joshua Weiss, editor of CrossTalk and produces of “For Israel’s Sake”, added, “We want to bless Israel and see Israel healthy. Israel can’t always plan for the challenges it faces. So when we bless Israel, it shows our solidarity and encompasses lots of symbolism, affirming that we are brothers, that we stand together, that we support Israel, and we are in this together.”

Joshua and Annette have succeeded in bringing 15 TV ministries together to participate in the telethon, including special guest appearances and endorsements by numerous famous individuals. This unique event will be broadcasted this upcoming weekend in place of SON’s regularly scheduled programming.

With a multitude of causes to support, the organizers of the telethon have chosen three unique causes that each protect Israel in their own unique way: Heart to Heart, Barzilai Hospital and Media Line.

Heart to Heart is a very special cause of the people of Israel. Working to support Israel’s national emergency medical services, Heart to Heart provides lifesaving equipment to Israel’s paramedic and ambulance corp as well as supporting Israel’s national blood bank.

H2H GIF Banner

During to 50-day conflict with Hamas under Operation Protective Edge, Heart to Heart provided much needed urgent supplies such as defibrillators, transfusion equipment and blood testing kits, saving the lives of countless people in Israel. The organizers of the telethon believe that by supporting Heart To Heart, a person can directly save hundreds or thousands of lives of those in Israel.

The Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon sits close to the edge of Israel’s border with Gaza. During Operation Protective Edge, they treated over 1,400 casualties. The sudden influx of patients critically depleted the hospitals funds and supplies. The organizers hope that the funding received as a beneficiary of ‘For Israel’s Sake’ will allow the hospital to restock and prepare for future emergencies.

SON Broadcasting sponsored blood drive with Heart to Heart in Israel. (Photo: Breaking Israel News)
SON Broadcasting sponsored blood drive with Heart to Heart in Israel. (Photo: Breaking Israel News)

According to event organizers, Media Line was selected due to its balanced voice amid the often biased or cloudy media reporting emanating from Israel, the Palestinian territories, and the Middle East. Media Line’s journalists work in a part of the world that is often extremely dangerous. Their mission is to give the world’s media accurate information with context and integrity. Annette assessed that one of the front lines in Israel is media.

In addition to being a beneficiary, Annette turned to Heart to Heart Director Jonathan Feldstein for his help in organizing a “Jewish voice” and garnering exposure in Jewish media channels for the event.

“In addition to being very touched to have our organization selected to be a beneficiary, I was honored and to be asked to help out,” said Feldstein. “We prepared a video presentation for the telethon and are doing everything we can to gain exposure and support for the telethon within our own channels.”

Feldstein also noted the seemingly serendipitous timing of the event.  “It is a very appropriate time on the Jewish calendar to be holding an event showing solidarity with Israel, as the new year approaches. It is amazing to see so many ministries stand unequivocally with Israel.”

Adding to the significance of the timing, Feldstein added: “Aside from being the most sacred season on the Jewish calendar, what makes it all the more meaningful is that this is the very week during which the planned Hamas ‘mega-attack’ was supposed to occur. Going from a time of what could have been a great tragedy, to a time of seeing strong and widespread Christian support for Israel is really inspiring. There is no coincidence in this. Seeing Christians stand up and say that they are willing to do their part and step forward when there is a need, is truly a strong symbol of connection between the Christian world and Israel. This switch of fate, is simply the hand of God.”

The “For Israel’s Sake” telethon will take place on Sunday, September 21, 2014. The event will be televised across the US on the following networks: SON Broadcasting Network, Watchmen Broadcasting, VTN, Touchpoint Israel, Total Living Network, The Walk TV, Cornerstone Network, WLMB TV 40, Living Faith Television, KSCE TV 38, Christian Family Network Television, WHFL TV 43, KTGF 16, WGGS TV, EICB TV. The telethon is supported by Infinity Concepts, MicahTek, and Crosstalk International, as well as EICB Productions.

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