WATCH: The Devil Marries a Jewish Woman and Create…ISIS?

September 15, 2014

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As news of ISIS brutality across the Middle East dominates the world stage, some in Iraq believe they have gotten to the root of the problem surrounding the extremist terror organization.

A satire show broadcast in Iraq – what some experts say is the most terrorized country by ISIS extremists – released a skit in which the arranged marriage between Satan and a Jewish women results in the birth of ISIS.

As music celebrating the union is heard in the background, wedding preparations are underway in a Middle Eastern desert. The man officiating the wedding explains that the union “has a purpose” while the “proud” parents-to-be exclaim that “we will name our child ISIS.”


Much to the delights of the newlyweds, their child, an “ISIS-ling”, emerges from an egg ready for battle.

As Satan and his Jewish wife raise their ISIS soldier, the clip mocks some of the more famous acts of the terror group, such as their black-and-white flag, beheadings, throat slitting, and other forms of brutal punishments inflicted on “infidels.”

Talk about some anti-Semitism at its most blatant and finest!

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