A New Beginning, A New Year for the Children of Israel

September 15, 2014

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As the Jewish New Year quickly approaches, we use the time to reflect back on what this past year brought and on our hopes for what the new year may bring.

We recognize that we may not have attained all the goals that we set for the previous year, and we strive to make ourselves that much better going into the new year. Whether it is New Year’s resolutions or simply hoping for a better situation to come around, everyone dreams and hopes for a better future.

Everyone deserves a fair chance in life. Especially children who cannot yet control their own destiny. But often the world simply doesn’t work that way, and some of the most susceptible to harm, through no fault of their own, are setup in the most horrific of circumstances.

These circumstances include abusive homes, homes that neglect the children, or simply do not have the means or desire to care for them properly. Luckily there is help available.

The Summit Institute is working hard to provide all children who have been removed from their homes in Israel due to life endangering situations with a loving, supportive and stable foster family. By providing these children with a new beginning, the work that Summit does is simply invaluable.

Helping the children deal with their past traumas with therapy, finding volunteer foster homes and families to care for these children, or helping the children with special tutoring and meeting all of their scholastic needs, The Summit Institute is there.

In honor of celebrating the Jewish New Year, Summit is inviting its supporters to donate a small sum of money to help give these children a new beginning for the new year.

The Summit Institute is launching their new Rosh Hashana campaign featuring unique and holiday themed eCards supporters can send to an unlimited amount of friends and family all around, simply by donating $18 to help disadvantaged children in Israel.

“We provide the link and the donor receives instructions on how to send the eCards to whomever they wish. All they need to do is insert the recipient’s email address. They can add as many addresses as they want,” Summit told Breaking Israel News.

To help make the experience even more user friendly, the program allows the user to upload entire email lists or groups to the recipient list, as well as importing already existing contacts.

“It’s a great way to say Shana Tova (happy New Year) while helping to rescue and support children in Israel,” said Bogot.


Last year, Summit raised a significant amount during a similar campaign and was able to help many children receive the help they needed because of it. “The contributions enables us to rescue and support over 800 children and youth at risk, and continue to do the great work that Summit does across Israel,” Bogot continued.

“Every year over 100 children are removed from their homes by the Child Welfare Services due to severe cases of abuse and or neglect. The Summit Institute helps these children find a warm and loving home, and gives them the opportunity for a fresh start, a new beginning,” Bogot explained.

Summit’s focus over the most recent violent 50-day conflict between Israel and Hamas has been to help special needs children who are often hard to place, while simultaneously preparing for ‘the day after’ the war by helping all of the children in their care deal with yet another trauma in their lives.

Over 400 of the children whom Summit helps on a yearly basis live within close proximity to Gaza and had been under constant rocket bombardment for 7 straight weeks.

“These children, like the rest of the country, are now returning to school and have been denied a proper vacation. They have had no time to deal with the fallout of the situation. They are dealing with their own personal traumas compounded with the rocket attacks. That can be devastating for any child. We are there to offer a helping hand, and to help them see that there is a new beginning here,” Bogot explained. “We are providing extra therapy sessions, counselling, support groups and tutoring in school for those who may not be able to bounce back so quickly. All of this on top of our regular efforts within each home and foster family. We are working hard to give the children a new beginning.”

To the children of Summit, a new beginning can make the difference between mental well being and entering into a whole slew of continuing issues such as PTSD, depression and many others.

“It means so much to the children to receive a fresh beginning. To finally get the support they need. We want to provide for each and every one of them a year of love, a secure year, a year of inner peace. A year of knowing that their needs are met so that they can grow into healthy and productive young adults. They all have so much potential they just need the proper framework to be able to begin again,” Bogot said in a heartfelt statement.

Thanks to Summit, they now have a chance.

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