Biden: US Will Follow ISIS to “Gates of Hell” for Justice

September 4, 2014

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US Vice President Joe Biden issued a sharp warning to the radical terror group ISIS on Wednesday after news of a second beheading of an American journalist was confirmed by US intelligence officials.

The vice president said that the US will hunt down the killers, who will have to answer for their actions.

“They should know we will follow them to the gates of hell until they are brought to justice,” Biden stated at an event late Wednesday. “Because hell is where they will reside. Hell is where they will reside.”

Biden opened his remarks by memorializing Steven Sotloff, the slain American journalist who was beheaded by ISIS recently. Sotloff, who was also a citizen of Israel, was beheaded two weeks after American journalist James Foley was gruesomely killed in the same manner.

Both of their deaths were videoed by the terror group and uploaded online.

Calling the perpetrators “barbarians,” Biden said that the US will not stand now and will not be intimidated by ISIS.


“We came back after 9/11. We dusted ourselves off and we made sure that Osama bin Laden would never, ever again threaten the American people,” the vice president stated. “We came back Boston strong, blaming no one but resolve to be certain that this didn’t happen again.”

“As a nation, we’re united and when people harm Americans, we don’t retreat. We don’t forget,” he said.

Screenshot of the video released by ISIS showing the beheading of Jewish American journalist Steve Sotloff.
Screenshot of the video released by ISIS showing the beheading of Jewish American journalist Steve Sotloff.

Speaking in Estonia, US President Barack Obama reacted angrily to the murder of yet another American citizen at the hands of ISIS. The president vowed that the US will seek out ISIS and destroy the terror organization.

“Our objective is clear, and that is to degrade and destroy ISIL so that it’s no longer a threat, not just to Iraq but also the region and the United States,” Obama told the press. “Those who make the mistake of harming Americans will learn that we will not forget, and that our reach is long and that justice will be served.”

The president said that he was “very confident” the US could reach this objective, saying that “we will not be intimidated.”

Charged with carrying out the president’s wishes, US Secretary of State John Kerry launched a frantic round of telephone diplomacy on Wednesday, reaching out to Israel and other countries to help combat ISIS at an international level.

Speaking with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Kerry asked Israel to be part of an ad-hoc alliance charged with bringing down ISIS.

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